Leo Messi won the Ballon d’Or this year.

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Leo Messi has won the ballon d'or in 2021. It is for the 7th time in his career and the highest winning among footballer of all time. Just an incredible man he is. Can you imagine that he have been the best player of seven year in his career among all footballer of this world! Just unbelievable from king Leo Messi.

This time Leo Messi has some strong opponents in ballon d'or race. Bayern Muchen striker Lewandowski, Chelsea and Italian midfielder Jorginho, Real Madrid striker Benzema was in good position in the race of ballon d'or this year. But Leo Messi defeated all of his opponents and won the race. Lewandowski placed in second, Jorginho in third.

Basically the Copa America tournament has been played an important role to win Messi the ballon d'or. Argentina becane the champion and Leo Messi won two individual award in that competition. Bayern Muchen success took Lewandowski in this race. UCL and the last Euro tournament kept Jorginho in this race of ballon d'or in this year.

Anyway as a Messi fan, I am very happy for winning Leo Messi this ballon d'or. Thanks everyone for visiting me. Stay tuned.

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Messi actually deserve it when you ask me . I am even thinking he might made it far than expected that is to say he can win it next year too.

Thanks for sharing.