Finalissima: Italy vs Argentina

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FIFA Confederation Cup was an international tournament. It was for men's national team. The champions country of the six continental tournament were qualified. Two another international team joined. They are the current world cup holders and the host nation. So it was a tournament of eight team.

The tournament was founded at 1992. And it was held every four years just like FIFA World Cup. Brazil was the most suuccessful team in this tournament winning four trophy. And the last champion team is Germany won it at 2017 beating Chile.After the last event at 2017, In march of 2019, FIFA announced that the tournament would not held anymore.

It was a tournament among the champions from different continent. Basically it was a fight between European champion and Latin American champion. Because the main fight were between in this team. But the tournament is no more exist. So an Argentine paper media first proposed a match between Latin champion Argentina and Euro champion Italy. And later the UEFA and Conmebol confirmed that a match will be held between this two team. It will be an official match and the winning team can consider this trophy as an international one. The name of this match will be Finalissima

This time the match will be held at Wembly stadium at 1st June. Football lovers were very excited for this match even days ago. But now the excitement is descreasing because Italy didn't qualified for World Cup. If Italy qualified for World Cup, I think the excitement would so more that could ignite football fans because another World Cup is coming soon. And the main battle in World Cup holds between the country of this two continent. So manything would imagine with this match. But now Italy pour water to this fire.

But as a football fan, I will obviously focus on this after enjoying the UCL final match this night. Happy watching.

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