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Análisis de 2 Manchester muy Diferentes / #Club5050

in hive-130734 •  4 months ago 

Lately, I have been a firm admirer of these youngsters; Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood. They always seem to have something to prove.

But I agree, Greenwood was very off colour with reckless passing during the game, same with Fred. United looks much better than before, under the leadership of Ralf Ragnar. Seeing Bruno in a free role position again gave him more chances as before. They only won because Cavani got away with the potential offside. They need to do better.

Great post.

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No doubt about that, it was clear offside to me. However, the VAR did not waste time to even check it correctly, which makes me wonder if it was deliberate!!

Bueno amigo creo que si revisaron y no estuvo en offside aunque si estaba muy cerrada esa jugada.

Alright that's noted.

Si amigo Greenwood y Foden tiene un talento grandioso. Estos dos jugadores a futuro tendrán grandes actuaciones. Me parece que esta bien que Bruno juegue libre, pero Fred debe hacer un mejor trabajo y si Cavani logro hacer un buen pase.

Saludos bro!