Mo Salah on Fire

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Heita World of Football

We all know how good Mo Salah has been but did you know he has scored or assisted in his last 12 games?

Chelsea: Goal
Leeds: Goal
Crystal Palace: Goal
Brentford: Goal
Manchester City: Goal and assist
Watford: Goal and assist
Manchester United: Hattrick and assist
Brighton: Assist
West Ham: Assist
Arsenal: Goal
Southampton: Assist
Everton: Two goals

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Fire effect

Can Wolves stop him this weekend? I don't think so.

Aweh friends.

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He is really good. And i think he is on his peak now.

Thanks for sharing

And he got another assist today. The guy's incredible. He's already scored more FPL points than most players score in a season.

Yes and i think he will win the World best player very soon.

He's got to hasn't he? I think that if Liverpool win a trophy or 2 and Egypt do well in the African Cup of Nations, he'll be in with a good shout of the ballon d'or. Although perhaps Egypt will also need to do well in the World Cup.

The recent ballon d'or shows clearly that one does not need to necessary win the World cup before he can win it. All that an individual needs is great performance and that will carry individual ups.


He's so consistent. He didn't have the best game today and still got another assist. He's on fire 🔥🔥🔥

Wolves: Assist