Membership Validation Post by @culioo: 29th November.

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What posts do you intend to create in this community?

I love soccer so will write about that. My team is Kaizer Chiefs in South Africa and I also like Manchester United who played the best football when I was growing up.

What do you understand by the term content etiquette?

Write you own content and if you use an idea or image from somebody else then make it clear that you have done this.

What is plagiarism and how do you intend to refrain from this act?

I will write my own content and use my own photographs or free images.

What do you understand by copyright-abuse?

It is using words or pictures which were created by somebody else without their permission.

Where can you find copyright-free images for your posts?

Pixabay is good and Google Image Search with "copyright free" images filter.

How do you properly cite an image or post. Show the license details as well.

Use the square brackets to say this is the source and also click on the License link in the Google image search results.
For example:
Image source
Image license

What is the consequence of plagiarism and copyright abuse in this community?

My post will be muted and I may get banned.

Include a photo of yourself holding a sheet that has ; @yourusername, post date and steemit worldoffootball.


Conclude your post and add this line at the bottom, "I am well aware of the rules of this community as well as the norms of steemit and will abide by them at all times"

I am well aware of the rules of this community as well as the norms of steemit and will abide by them at all times

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Great work and thanks for showing an understanding of the use of copyright free images and plagiarism.

Looking forward to great publications.

Thanks 👍🏼 Will I get a cool label?

Thank you for attempting our validation process. Could you please also provide an image that is properly cited as well?

Sure thing bro, I have added a coolio footballer image to my post