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Yesterday, Lionel Messi was awarded his 7th Ballon d'Or. Messi has had quite a fruitful year last season and has achieved a lot for both his club (Barcelona) and country (Argentina). He captained Barcelona to win the Spanish domestic cup, 'Copa Del Rey' and was also the top goal scorer for the Spanish La Liga.
For his country, he captained them to the Copa America tournament, where he has scored the most goals and gave the most assists (Top Goalscorer and Top Assister). This gave him the honorary award of Copa America Player of the Tournament(POTT). Lionel Messi is unarguably the best footballer in history.


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In second place was, Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich, Poland) and the second-runner up was Jorginho Frello (Chelsea, Italy). Both had seasons too, with Lewandowski having the most club Goal Involvements(48 Goals and 7 Assists) across all top five(5) leagues and an astounding Goal-to-Game Ratio of 1.33 Goals-per every game.


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Jorginho on the other hand, won all the major competitions he participated in, making him the player with the most titles across all the top five(5) leagues. He was also awarded the UEFA Men's Player of the year award. He won the;

  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Euros
  • UEFA Super Cup


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Congratulations to these Sportsmen, they all deserve to be where they are. Leave your comments and opinions in the comments.

LET's get interactive, leave your comments and opinions in the comments section.

Click the link to my post talking about why Messi shouldn't have won the award and how Lewandowski was robbed.


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Ballon D'or has turned into popularity contest. Just some journalist voting for their favourite players. While robbing the deserved one.
Still, Congratulations to Leo Messi 🐐

It is what it is. Check out my new post about the controversial decision.

Great player!! Would have wished to see Lewandolski win it though

I would have tooo. Anticipate the reveal in my next post