Weekly Contest | Write about a plant or tree and discuss the benefits, uses or importance of the plant | #Club75

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Greetings to all and sundry on this wonderful community, I hope you all are doing great as I am doing today. Today I bring to all an open contest which is going to be the first contest organized in this community.

I hope that members would participate and invite members from other communities to join and participate in this contest.

The contest today is about writing on a plant or tree and indicates the benefits, uses, importance, etc.

About this contest


  1. Write about a plant or tree, it should be a plant of health benefits

  2. Discuss the importance of the plant or tree you have chosen

  3. Discuss the uses of the plant or tree (the uses of the parts)

  4. Please include the country or region that the plant is mostly grown or is favorable to the growth

  5. You can add images of the plant if you are closer to one

  6. Any other relevant information can be added to improve your content.




  1. Please be creative with the use of words

  2. Write at least 300 words

  3. Please avoid any form of PLAGIARISM

  4. Make sure you are correctly participating in the respective clubs i.e. #club5050, #club75, or #club100

  5. Please invite at least three members to participate in this contest.

  6. Please upvote, resteem, and leave a link to your publication in the comment section of this post

  7. Please write in Steem Health Style community.

  8. Add the following tags in your post for easy identification, #plant-week1, #healthstylecontest, country e.g. #ghana


Reward Pool for this contest (15 STEEM)


First Place6 STEEM
Second Place4 STEEM
Third Place3 STEEM
Fourth Place2 STEEM




This contest runs until the post pays out. After which an announcement of winners would then follow. I hope that members would participate in this contest.

I look forward to reading entries from members of the community. Best wishes and Goog luck to you all


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Great Contest for us.Thanks so much for this contest.
I may participate on it.

Good, I am looking forward to reading your entry.

Wow, what an educative contest.

I am looking forward to reading your entry

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I will definitely participate in this contest

Great, I am looking forward to reading your entry soon.

Alright dear

A really nice contest topic. I hope we get a lot of participants

It beautiful Contest, hopefully, many entries would fall in, to start with, I will drop mine soon.

Great, looking forward to reading your post.

Nice one

Looking forward to reading your entry.

Dropping mine soon