(10/21) What is PNUT daily burning accumulation compared to daily distribution?

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Translate : PNUT 일평균 분배량 대비 소각 축적량 차트 (08/21~)

PNUT was given more value after this halving.

PNUT is a community token of Nutbox V1 and has following distribution schedule (scheduled).

The mechanism of PNUT distribution is like upper. 1 Block is produced every 3 second, 10,000,000 Block can be calculated to around 1 year.

  • 05OCT, 2021 : 5PNUT / BLOCK (2nd halving, Current)
  • OCT, 2022 : 2.5 PNUT / BLOCK (3rd halving)
  • OCT, 2023 : 1.25 PNUT / BLOCK (4th halving, last)

Before OCT 5th, additional 288,000 PNUT had been distributed a day and after that additional 144,000 PNUT is distributed a day.

In adverse, there is a differences between increase amount of circulation and daily distribution since there is a daily burning mechanism made Repurchasing and Paying PNUT buying upvote.

I record daily ratio of burning accumulation compared to distribution in unspecific time everyday. It has started from 21 August, If this ratio is higher than before, it causes more decrease in circulation or decrease trend of increase in circulation.

This graph stands average data about daily ratio of burning accumulation compared to distribution. We can see more specific trend through this graph. It has started from 21 August, it causes more decrease in circulation or decrease trend of increase in circulation.

What stands out in this graph is that it has been increasing steadily since October 5th(second halving). I hope this kind of trend of decreasing distribution volume increase steadily in the future and be reflected in the PNUT potential value.


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