(04/07) What will Peanut look like in the future? The future of Peanut Community

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Hello, I'm NUTBOX Ambassador @timbae. We had an interview with the Nutbox team from the 5th to the 6th under the theme of "The Future of Peanut V2," and the interview will be revealed as follows 📋

Q1 : Nutbox Team announced that it will be able to mint NUT or PNUT through PNUT token staking from April 12th. How is it done?

A1: Minting PNUT by staking ctoken PNUT will be done in a fully decentralized way. This means that participants have full rights to ownership and usufruct, like participating in a Uniswap pool. Minting the PNUT by staking PNUT will begin on April 12th, and minting the NUT by staking PNUT will begin on August.

Q2 : The Nutbox team once announced that the NUT airdrop on PNUT holders will begin on April 12. Has the specific airdrop method been determined?

A2 : Peanuts will be expanded from Staking DAO to Investment DAO. After investing in Web3 projects through the Staking Rewards generated by the community, we will repurchase and burn cToken such as PNUT and NUT as a return on investment. In the process of this expansion to Investment DAO, we will proceed with the NUT airdrop on the PNUT holders at an appropriate time, and the current expected time is 'August'. In addition, no specific airdrop payment method has been decided yet.

Q3 : After the hacking attack on Nutbox last November, have you introduced Multi-sign? Did you introduce not only PoS assets but also ctoken and lp?

A3: Nutbox provides community staking services by ISO (Initial Staking Offering) for PoS assets such as STEEM and ATOM. Currently, Multi-sign has been introduced into this ISO method, and the contract operations like delegating PoS assets require the execution of this Multi-sign accounts. This tells you that, like ctoken (ERC-20), the rights to ownership of PoS assets such as STEEM and ATOM is completely in the hands of participants. Staking of ctoken (ERC-20) is done in a fully decentralized way, like participating in a Uniswap pool, so multi-sign is not required.

Q4 : I heard that staking Cosmos(ATOM) function will be on-line soon, Our first PoS asset except STEEM. How can we use it? Is there a period of unlock like SP?

A4 : We have a plan to run a node of Atom, and participants will be able to mint PNUT and NUT through staking Atom just like we're staking SP for minting PNUT and NUT now. The Unlock period of ATOM is 28 days.

Q5 : Do you have any plans to develop Dapps(e.g. blog, video, NFT, Defi, etc.)that can be used through PNUT or NUT?

A5: Yes, we're going to create some useful Dapps that can be used through PNUT or NUT, depending on the needs of the community.

Q6 : I heard Nutpower will be released soon, what is its function and when is it going to be released?

A6 : Nutpower(NP) determine user's voting powers and earning rights across the whole Walnut, similar to Steempower(SP). It will be on-line very soon after the audit report come out.

Q7 : Are you currently collaborating with other project teams? If so, what project team are they?

A7 : We are keep in touch with several projects, and we got serial grants from some projects like Moonbeam, Astar, and Near etc.

Q8 : Lastly, please explain the road map which shows the upcoming future of Walnut.

A8 : Roadmap of the future of Walnut will be listed on our new official website, coming soon !

Thank you :)

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