[Misson Result] Taking a picture of a meal | Prize : 5.220 STEEM

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Mission - Taking a picture of a meal

Mealtime is essential per day. Show me what your meal is. You can show your own diet meal or a special meal you eat on a special day.



  • Date : 2021.03.04 - 2021.03.10
  • Prize : 5.220 STEEM
  • Participants : 5
AccountSuccess rateParticipant fee / refundReward
@crypto.reward0%5.000 STEEM / 0.000 STEEM0 STEEM
@dailyke20100%16.000 STEEM / 16.000 STEEM0.720 STEEM
@libera-tor100%50.000 STEEM / 50.000 STEEM2.250 STEEM
@mjmarquez415120%1.000 STEEM / 0.200 STEEM0 STEEM
@shimwooil100%50.000 STEEM / 50.000 STEEM2.250 STEEM

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