What the hell, ya worthless bums!

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You know why you are worthless?
Because i got more effort in having you around than i can ever get compensated for!

But, you are in luck!

If you can tell me where the hell i put the links in a stincing hive to have an avatar and banner, i will gladly issue a temporary reprieve in your case.

The rest of you bums need to get back to steeming!
These are the golden days of steem.
When the price finally moons all this will pay off.
We are getting less in dollars, but more in steem.


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Tell it to the people looking in your ancom for food,...

idc if there is communism in russia or not..
there is communism in china.
also we had enough communist or socialist experiments with tragic ends.
for example genocides by mao or stalin (there are many more)

I have nothing against anarcho communism, I have a few friends who voluntarily live in anarcho communism in some caves or even on old barns.
still I don't want to stay/ live/ help anarcho communism too long.

I need open markets
I still want to do stuff - way too much
And I believe anarchocapitalism (with many intelligent voluntary workers on open markets) can build better stuff than any barn or cave.. :D
we already did.. build a great racing motorbike ;)
also I bet ya - no barn ever will reach Series production of anything (except stuff by nature - but they didnt produce it, nature did)

there is communism in china.

Didn't read the essay, huh?

Anywhere there is rule by force there is/was no communism, only rule by force.
Communism is cooperative and requires no force.

The problem with crapitalism is the money changers.
As long as they set the value of your money, you are at their mercy.
Known any banksters to just waive repayments of loans?

I would rather be free, thanks.


dude Ik.
have you read my whole comment?

anarchocommunism are little decentralized communes and anarchocapitalism is about free market for me.
little decentralized communes don't need big markets - they just trade some stuff, they don't even need money.

but we are in the future dude. it's not just about survival anymore.
it's about technology, markets and wealth

anarcho-anything (idc if communism or capitalism) is always voluntary bro - not just anarchocommunism

crapitalism (what we have now) =/= capitalism bro

anarcho-anything (idc if communism or capitalism) is always voluntary bro

Tell it to the security guy when I walk out with my 'communist' goods.

As long as you use money to account for your labor, you are a slave of the person establishing how many goods your script can get in the company store.

We may subsist in small communities now, but when the moronic masses finally catch on, we will have technology, for free.

Your indoctrination is showing, now!