What I was working on during the show.

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The picture i'm sharing today in the [c/Picture a Day] community is from saturday morning trip to Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park

I was editing 85 landscape images while chatting on the WITNESS FORUM and then afterwards while during a conference call with @starkerz @thecallmedan and @wehomen.

I've been on 4 discord/radio shows in the last 5 days it's been a wild but fun time ... I love talking steem.

Also I love testing all these cool new features on STEEM like communities.

P.s. we really need a decentralized way to tag a community that doesn't require a link to a particular interface. But until then here's a link to the community via steempeak

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Beautiful image you captured here. I still need to visit Arches.

Beautiful image
You captured here. I still need
To visit Arches.

                 - bradfordtennyson

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Congratulations @jarvie

what does this mean? What happens because of this?

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thanks for the great works on STEEM + steemmonsters!

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wow beautiful shot with that light!!

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