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Life is a step-by-step journey. We live every day to get new knowledge to a life well. I joined steemit some months back. It has been good to me which even brought me great benefits. I couldn’t have stopped there, which inspired me to create this community.

The community started operating and we had a template as its profile. We are glad today to show the steemit ecosystem our community assets and how great we are going to help make steemit. Jokes are great. When we find time to go through sunny stuff, it releases stress and gives us a new reason to live.

Our community has come to stay and bring more. We are still growing and we hope people help us grow. Let’s come together to help make this community a great one. Life is built with a foundation. Let’s be part of the foundation of this great community.
Below are the community assets:

SMJ LOGO__PNG.png Our Logo

Header Contest.pngContest Banner

SMJ DIVIDER 3.pngOur Divider

Thanks for passing by!

FOOTER 1.png

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I believe in @steemjokes for rapid growth and I am glad to be part of the project in nearest future, laughing will become mandatory.

Thanks for believing. Together we can

These are beautiful and a great way to introduce the community, you are doing amazing bro

Thank you. I'm grateful for the support since day 1.