Promo-steem promotional Gif & Banner Design By @sshila || Day 91 || 17'January'2022

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Hello everyone,

How is everyone? Hope everybody is well, I am well by the grace of God. I am so glad that our @stephenkendal Sir is working to promote the #steem so we are also trying to work together with Sir, That's why I'm trying to promote #Steemit by creating banners and gif file and sharing them on various social media. I am hopeful that working with Sir will surely lead us to success. One day we will spread #Steem all over the world by promoting.


sshila (49).jpg


sshila (19).gif

I tried to present my design step-by-step among you, I hope you will understand.If you need this design please contact me and I will give it to you by mail.

Banner and Gif Making Process :

  • Steep-01

sshila (50).jpg

  • Steep-02

sshila (51).jpg

  • Steep-03

sshila (52).jpg

  • Final Steep

sshila (49).jpg


sshila (19).gif

Thank you so much for see and reading my design, I hope you like it, I think we can bring new users and new investors to #steemit.



Thanks & Best Regards

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