Why Do So Many People Believe That Nuclear Power Is the Future of Energy?

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Nuclear Energy - So safe it has its own warning sign

Our current understanding of radioactive isotoypes and radioactivity is so poor...

Lets say that humanity had a piano. And the way that humanity got music out of the piano was to haul it up to the second floor balcony and pushing it off. Recording the sound as it hit the ground.

Our idea of radioactivity is, at best, in the dark ages.

Still we have many people who think that this "most expensive steam kettle ever" is the way to produce electricity for today and into the future.

I disagree, as the land destruction from mining radioactive materials, the pollution of refining this, and then use of, and finally the containing of the waste for centuries, is too much of a cost.

Further we must also account for the horrifying consequences of any problem in the complex system that is heat extraction from rods filled with uranium.

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Now, i used to be on the nuclear bandwagon.
Thinking that it was much better than the coal fired power plants

This was until i found out the real environmental impact that the mining and enriching of uranium actually caused.
It is quite comparable to coal mining in all its environmental destruction.

I used to think it was just about storing the minimal amount of end product, the radioactive waste, that was the issue. However, it is not, it is something that must be added on top of an already very destructive and very polluting mining operation.

And then we add Nuclear meltdown.

The proponents like to point at Three Mile Island, which may or may not have had anything happen.
However, the opponents have a much bigger, more recent mess to point at, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.
A state of the art design with backup systems with backup systems and walls to prevent the sort of thing that happened.

The horrifying, earth threatening, catastrophes that are nuclear disasters are a very big point of not using nuclear power for boiling water. (still, man likes to live dangerously. No pain, no gain. Pushing the limits. And this would be all right except...) But on top of that ever present danger, you have the horrors of land and environment destruction that is uranium mining.

Adding it all up, nuclear power is not a good option.

- - - - - - -

Currently there are many great alternative energy solutions.
So many, and so great, that we should never be thinking about nuclear.

However, we are. It's blasted out on all kinds of TV talk shows and documentaries.
Talking up how clean nuclear power is, and minimizing all the waste products.

It is almost as if someone wants the world to become a nuclear radioactive waste zone.

And what makes this statement a conspiracy fact is how these TV shows IGNORE all of the green, continuous energy projects that were designed in the 70s and then just forgotten.

Instead we think of green as these monstrous, vista destroying, wind turbines
or these very expensive, quite inefficient solar panels.

You may ask why isn't there a two stage, garbage burning power plant at every waste dump?
As clean as anything and it changes garbage into energy. So why do only a few of these exist? Why do we continue to destroy acres of land for refuse?

Why aren't their geothermal power plants everywhere? It's almost as if 1970s technology is beyond our capabilities.

What happened to ocean wave power? It has been blocked at every single instance.

So, why are these very green energies dismissed so much that they aren't even discussed
and nuclear power is propagandized to the masses on every channel?

- - - - - - -

As i wrote, at the beginning, we really do not know much about nuclear radiation.
And so, i would be remiss in not informing everyone of another piece of information.

Those people who can see auras, who can see energy, ALL describe nuclear power plants in terms of dark, inky, destructive cloud. You know, like in movies when they try to show dark energy / magic.

I do not know a one who describes nuclear power stations in glowing colors.
And this should be a portent, as woo woo as it is, that humans should really pay attention to.

As the old science falls away, we will have new tools of understanding radiation and what it does to the body and to the fabric of space. Then, it will shown in scientific terms, what psychics see today.

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All images in this post are my own original creations.
Open pit uranium mine from www.mining.com

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