EcoTrain Question Of The Week Season 6 #9: WHAT ARE YOUR PREDICTIONS FOR 20 AND 200 YEARS?

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Seeing the future is not very hard.
One just has to look.

However, we are programmed not to see.
And there are lots of things we don't want to see. Won't even look at.

If we, as a species, are going to take responsibility for the wellness of our planet, we will need to put considerable effort towards viewing the future that we are creating. Thus, enabling us to rethink our path before we go down it.

- - - - - - -

20 Years From Now

In 20 years from now, we will firmly be into the ice-age. There will be no talk of "global warming" or "climate change". It will be so obvious that glaciers are forming, and that our existence on earth will be a lot more tenuous.

But, we also will have a lot of new technologies.
Continuous green energy that doesn't freeze over like river in Canada.
Bitcoin will not only be adopted, but will be ubiquitous. Block chains everywhere.

Most people will no longer live in cities.
Cities where so many people died, and so much resources were spent trying to keep together a system that was failing faster and faster.

Actually, in twenty years, we will probably be in the times of the people finally seeing that cities are a death trap and moving out.
This is a long process, and will span a decade or two.
But not long after twenty years, the cities will be abandoned except for certain manufacturing plants and their support personnel.

People will live in tight communities called families.
Each family will concentrate on making one item for sale to other families.
The family being almost completely self sufficient, the making of these items will be a labor of love, not a burden that must be done.

Oh, and aliens have shown up. There is now no question that other races exist on other planets.

- - - - - - -

200 Years From Now

200 years from now, we are still in the ice age, but we have the technology to survive.
We have stopped using bitcoin, instead, we have a ledger of goods traded.

Govern-cements are gone. Corporations are gone.

Families are doing well all over the globe.
Each interconnected by a single rail, autonomous delivery system.

Energy production worries are a thing of the past.
The old ideas of limited energy and rocket ships are considered humorous.
Science has been completely rewritten. Everything we "believe" today has been thrown out.

There is no longer a race to get a patent first and block everyone else out.
Everything is more open than open source is today.
Communities of people, on-line, enter and leave, adding to ideas for solutions to humanity's problems.

People on Earth have finally started to work out how to work with other people.
The old ways of govern-cement are gone.
Psychopaths are forbidden from places of power, and how they are forbidden is because compassion must be demonstrated. (an armless man cannot do push ups, a narcissist can not demonstrate compassion.)

Sure, we could talk about flying cars, but that is kind of boring.
After getting rid of the false science, it is obvious how to build them, but most people have no desire to travel. You can experience it all digitally, and "the sites" aren't really there anymore.
Instead more focus is placed on making the family home better and making nature thrive in the area.

We will have learned to make instruments that "see" life.
And this changes everything. It is so difficult to write about what will change, because everything that most people believe in today will be considered as funny as people believe the earth is flat today (and the earth is not a sphere) Science, health, life, God, aliens, meaning...

It will the true beginning of life on this planet.

- - - - - - -

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