10 things we need to accept (that, for most, are unacceptable)

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10 Things We Need To Accept (or face dire consequences

10 things we need to accept (that, for most, are unacceptable)

  1. We are at the beginning of an ice age.
  2. The great migration has started. People around the globe will move to be with their kind, their friends, their family.
  3. Aliens are real, and are here.
  4. We are not the most advanced humans to have lived on this planet.
  5. There is a group of people, on this planet, that will stop at nothing short of absolute control. Decimation has already started.
  6. This group owns most of the media, most of the govern-cement, and most of the school curriculum. Everything we have been told is a story, and probably only contains a small piece of truth.
  7. Soon, you will grow your own food, in your own greenhouse, or starve.
  8. Shooting all the bad guys won't solve anything.
  9. Freedom can only be obtained by moving towards freedom in every step. Freedom cannot be gain by fighting against the FED, or whatever bad guy you think is keeping you from being free.
  10. You are an eternal being. The only logical thing to do with your life is make this world a place you would like to be reincarnated into.

- - - - - - -

If you are living a life that runs afoul of any of these items, you need to change your life.
If your life goals do not include these as their basis you will need to change them so that they do.

The old idea of go to college, get a good job, work 50 years, retire is long gone.
All the flashy wealth that seems to describe today's narratives will soon be as nothing.
Drop these from your life, they were probably making you miserable anyway.

So, really work on accepting each of these ten items.
And change your life to fit with them... or life will come up and tell you how its gonna be.

First life taps you on the shoulder
Then life taps you with a brick
Then life hits you with a Mac Truck

- - - - - - -

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