Steem Power Up Contest || Week 3 || 15.5 steem Prize Pool

in hive-121930 •  2 months ago 

Steem Power Up Contest.jpg

Attempt to 3.png

Greetings Steemians. hope you are all doing good, Today, I'm going to share my Steem power-up experience up with you. To maintain my withdraw-power-up ratio, I have 10.089 steem in my wallet which I am going to power up this week. So, now I will share my screenshots of the power-up,

Before powering

Before power up.JPG

Converting steem into steem-power

COnvert steem power.JPG

Current steem power after powering up

after power up.JPG

Power Up Calculation

BeforePower UpCalculation

Attempt to 3.png

I would like to Thank @boss75 and the whole @Steem.Sports team for organizing such new contests : )

Thank you for visiting and reading : )

Warm regards

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Felicitaciones amigo, todo encendido es maravilloso para nuestra cuenta y el crecimiento del ecosistema.