contest | Prediction of Italian League "Serie A" Edition 3 By @taillah

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Good morning all steemit friends, wherever friends are, hopefully friends are always in good health. Greetings from me @taillah to all friends in the @steem-sports community. On this occasion I will take part in a contest held by the @steem-sport community.
Contest |Predictions Italian League "Serie A" edition #3.

The Italian league is a very good league, there are also some world class star players like Neymar and many of the best players in the league.

This is my prediction :

Encuentros del 23 de Enero del 2.022

Cagliari vs Fiorentina0-2Fiorentina
Napoli VS Salernitana Calcia3-1Napoli
Espezia Calcio VS Sampdoria0-1Sampdoria
Torino vs Sassuolo2-1Torino
FC Empoli vs Roma1-1Roma
Ac Milan vs Juventus1-1Empate

Thus the Italian league prediction contest from me, and greetings from me to all sports lovers friends, and I invite three of my friends to participate in this contest held by the @steem-sports community @iwanda, @zubir-steem, @vikar.

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Suerte en esos pronósticos espero que te vaya muy bien en el concurso.

Thank you my frends

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