Back to do power ups to increase steem power

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Hello all steemians friends. After doing a Power Up last week, now back to doing a power up by exchanging all SBD obtained from payments so far. This time I did a Power Up of 67,249 STEEM. And the previous power was 533.916 STEEM POWER.




Now my STEEM POWER count is 601.165 STEEM POWER. from previously perched at 533.916 STEEM POWER. This increase after Power Up as much as 67.249 STEEM today.


As long as I am still joining this steemit platform I will continue to try to do Power Ups. By doing power ups continuously and also the #club5050 campaign it will maintain the existence of steem on the platform itself.

From a few days ago I have done a Power Up in order to follow the trend carried out by steemit. The program that I created is the #club5050 campaign program. I will continue to try to make the best innovations that I have so that I can continue to develop in steemit. I also believe that continuing to increase strength will be a good investment in the long term on the steemit platform.

A little I want to suggest to all of you who are always active on the Steemit Platform to always Power Up, we can see examples of great people who always Power Up relentlessly to become Strong.


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Te felicito porque en cada encendido que realizas, contribuyes al fortalecimiento de la plataforma y a tu crecimiento personal... Éxitos y bendiciones...

thank you for the support you give I hope I can maintain

Buen Encendido amigo, sigue potenciando tu cuenta y contribuyendo con la economía de la plataforma.

si espero poder seguir haciendo grandes cosas

Hola amigo, saludos, excelente encendido.