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What is a dream: a dream is not what we see while sleeping, rather a dream is what stops us from sleep. What we see while sleeping is called vision.

Dream big and make it happen If you want to see your Dreams become a reality, Follow these steps

"A dream come true". Someone said, "dreams are the most affordable thing you'll afford" anyone can dream, but what about making that dream becomes a reality? That's where the work is in.

Talking about steps, here are those you would like to require to form your dreams become a reality...

7 steps you'll desire actualize your dreams:

  1. Find an intrest
  2. Background research
  3. Create a vision board
  4. Work hard
  5. Make friends and connections
  6. Consistency:
  7. Be able to make some sacrifice

1) Find an intrest

This could be something that you simply really love. it'd be a talent of yours you would like to develop, or a profession. Whichever it's, confirm it's something to you actually love and it is also worth sacrifing it slow, money and energy for.

2. Background research

Now you wish to try to to some FBI work and research on a way to set about it. Ask questions, know the idea about the industry you're close to dive into.

3) Create a vision board

Career experts always recommend a vision board, it helps you to form an idea, keeps track of your progress and also motivate you once you want slacking or leaving behind.

4) Work hard

This is that the stage where you place in your energy and take a look at your best to attain that dream of yours. Remember this ~ "be the most effective you'll be".

5) Make friends and connections

No man is an island in this industry where your interest is in, find friends and make the connections necessary. you'll be able to even get a mentor, someone who will teach you the tricks and reveal some secrets on the way to reach that industry.

6) Consistency:

Do not backpedal immediately something goes wrong or once you aren't making the progress you expected. twiddling my thumbs and resilient, try again and take a look at harder next time.

7) Be able to make some sacrifice

Some dreams requires you staying up late and plenty of sleepless nights before you'll be able to achieve them. Others requires money, then time and energy. Some all of the above. Whichever yours demands from you,be able to make those sacrifice.

If you follow the above steps then watch your dreams became a reality.

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I am a man of big dreams too. I hope the future is bright.

Cause as a man thinks, that's exactly how he becomes


Thank you

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