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I’m very happy to participate in this beautiful contest by @pricelesspresh ,we all use applications every day,either for financial services or for communication and we all have our frequently used applications ,so today I’m going to be reviewing my first best application



Steemit is the first social media platform built on blockchain.we earn steem dollars when we write and post original contents or articles on our page of blog ,we write about a lot of things like business,good,cryptoacademy homeworks and lots more,unlike other social media platform where we are only liked on our pictures ,Steemit when voted or curated on our articles we earn steem ,TRX and steemdollars.

Why I chose /benefits of Steemit Application

• Steemit is my best because it pays me to use it unlike other social media platforms.

•Steemit has improved my writing and communication skills ,it helps me to interact very well with people and I have made a lot of friends.

•Steemit is very beneficial to me ,for faster payment transactions.

•it also helps me to express my self through writing,commenting on other posts.

•Steemit is one family thing/togetherness everyone is welcomed .

•Steemit has a unique password where I’m the only owner of the password,and can’t never be seen by anyone or else when exposed .

All my life ,Steemit has made an impact in my life and I can say it is my best social media application no doubt about that.🥰🥰😌😌



WhatsApp is a popular social media platform that is used by billions of people ,it is simple ,reliable and private .it is the most safest means of communication ,it is fast and secured which only those that have your number can chat you,apart from zoom it is also used to make voice and video calls too ,share documents and other important contents .

Why I chose WhatsApp Application

• WhatsApp are used for sending messages,all messages are sent without any charge or cost provided my internet connection is on.

•There is no advertisement on the screen to annoy me .

•All the tools are very easy to use .

•Helps me to keep in touch with my family and friends,and for business opportunities too .

•safety and security too.

WhatsApp is my second Favour and I really love it so much ,I’m not really a social person so I manage this one with my family and few important friends 😎.



Telegram is another beautiful application that I like ,it is very fast and powerful,it has no limits of my media or chats and can contain thousands of people in a group provides end to end encryption and it’s private .

Benefits of Telegram

•Telegram is good for me as a student ,if helps me to improve my speaking and pronounciation skills by voice messaging.

•It keeps me updated ,I join an online meeting there where business ideas are shared .

•Telegram provides large amount for storing files and documents.

Telegram is very easy to operate and can be accessible.

Thanks again @pricelesspresh for this wonderful contents. I’m happy to participate in it

All pictures are mine and written by @solar-star
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