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The moon is the closest friend of the earth in the eternal universe. This moon is only 3 lakh 64 thousand kilometers away. Compared to the distance of the universe, it is very close to the hands of the earth. Whenever we think of the night sky, the moon floats in our mind, with which there are thousands of stars. Although the moon cannot be seen in the sky at all times of the night, the moon can be seen in the sky at different times of the day. Since the sun is also in the sky during the day, the role of the moon is not very important to us during the day.

The moon is a small satellite and the only satellite of our earth. For various reasons, this moon is very dear to us earthlings. Maybe the moon has been revolving around our earth since the beginning of birth. So the moon is very close to us. At a distance of 150 million kilometers from the sun, the moon and the earth are in harmony with each other. Although both Venus and Mars are close neighbors of the earth, the moon and the earth seem to be completely opposite to each other.

The moon is really very small. Not compared to us, compared to our world. But even though the moon is small, the numbers describing it are too big and too meaningless. So I am comparing his numbers with the world. The mass of the moon is about one-eighth of the mass of the earth. Its radius is about one-third of the radius of the earth. Due to this, the gravitational acceleration on the surface of the moon is close to 1.6, which is one-sixth of the gravitational acceleration of the earth on the surface of the earth. This means that an object weighing one kilogram will weigh about one and a half Newtons on the surface of the moon. But its weight on the earth's surface will be about ten newtons. The moon has its own magnetic field, the value of which is very low.

Oddly enough, the Moon and the Sun are about the same size in the sky, even though the Sun is about 400 times larger (in terms of diameter, which indicates size) than the Moon. This is possible because the moon is about 390 times closer to the sun. And this is why a full solar eclipse is possible! Due to sunlight, the surface temperature of the moon during the day (in the illuminated part of the moon) is a few hundred degrees centigrade and at night (in the dark part of the moon) the temperature is minus 163 degrees centigrade. This is because the moon does not have enough atmosphere to hold heat. If the earth did not have an atmosphere, the sun would cause the earth to heat up or cool down like the moon. At that time the present form of life on earth would have become absolutely impossible.

From Earth, we see only one back of the moon. But the sun shines on all the backs of the moon. Why do we see only the back of the moon? Doesn't the moon revolve around itself then? Of course, the moon revolves around itself. But it takes about one month of the lunar month, about 26 days, to turn around once on its own. And it takes him a month of the lunar month to travel around the world! In the case of the earth, one day — revolves around itself and one year revolves around the sun, respectively! This special rotation of the moon is not surprising enough!

I think there is a point in explaining this twist. And the moon and the earth are like two sisters. Big sister Earth and little sister Moon. Big sister Prithvi is holding the hand of younger sister Chander all the time. For example, when we were children, we used to eat holding hands. In it, we could always see each other's faces or the front part. We never saw the other person's back. But there is a difference between the earth and the moon. The earth is revolving around itself holding the hand of the moon, again revolving around itself as it pleases. Since the older sister Earth is holding the hand of the younger sister Moon, that is why the Earth can only see one back of the Moon, which I call the front part.

The moon revolves around the earth once in one lunar month. This time is due to the distance of the moon from the earth. The lunar month is the calculation of the time it takes for the moon to revolve around the earth once. One full moon is from one full moon to another full moon or from one new moon to another new moon. At this time different forms of the moon can be seen. After the sun sets at the beginning of the lunar month (from Bangladesh) a slice of thin moon peeks into the western sky. After floating for a while, the moon merges into the sky again. After that, as it gets bigger, it stays in the sky for a long time. And the moon rises before the sunsets. This means that the moon can be seen in the sky during the day after the first moon, that is, the moon gradually rises from the east. On the day of the full moon, the moon rises at once from the east and, as it were, the sunsets. Seeing the only full moon is absolutely round. At other times a small part of the moon can be seen because the shadow of the earth falls on the moon. At the beginning of the lunar month, the shadow of the earth almost covers the moon. But on a full moon night, no shadow of the earth falls on the moon. Then after the full moon, the moon rises late. As the days go by it gets late. This is how the new moon comes. Then the full moon falls in the shadow of the earth. But the shadow of the earth never falls on the other side of the moon.

The tides are due to the position of the moon relative to the earth. The tide is when the water of the sea moves to one side due to the pull of the moon. When the tide recedes in one area, the water recedes in another. The tides play a special role in the life of overseas people, the tides also play a special role in navigation, fishing, and other livelihoods. The moon not only plays a role in the external environment but also has a special effect on our psyche. The moon does not have its own light. Sunlight is reflected from the moon. There is a strange illusion of moonlight because the reflected light has a much lower intensity. The magic of the first day is somehow. The magic of the full moon is different. The light of the moon is as soft and soft as the light of the sun does not have a rough look, so a different fascinating form of the things around us for the light of the moon is caught in our eyes. Sometimes the moon awakens in us a feeling of utter emptiness, and sometimes it can also make us feel full. Because of the magic of the moon we run to see the moon in the field, get up on the moon, haor, beel, across the sea ... if we can't go anywhere at least the gap in the window melts ... no matter how we see the moon. There is some unmistakable fascination for us in every appearance of the moon.

The lunar eclipse is when the shadow of the earth falls on the moon only on a full moon night. At other times, even if the shadow of the earth falls on the moon, it is not called eclipse. Occasionally, sunlight penetrates the earth's atmosphere and falls on the moon. This is why the moon often looks red. But the thing to think about is that the shadow of the earth falling on the moon in a full lunar eclipse is exactly the same as the moon!

The moon and the earth hold each other together in the eternal universe. In the meanwhile, both of them are running around in the sun while eating. Since there is no air or water on the moon, any impression left on the moon lasts for many days. When we look at the back of the moon, we can understand that there are many spots, which is called the stigma of the moon in literature. These are actually alloys formed at different times for various reasons.

There are several theories as to when or how the moon was born. But whenever he is born, the moon may have been with the earth from the very beginning. This is why the moon seems so dear to us. The funny thing is, no matter how far away the earth is, both the moon and the earth will feel equal in the sky. The calculation is very straightforward (you have to see for yourself), the size of the moon and the earth in the sky will be equal to just three million kilometers from the earth. If a satellite is placed at this distance from the earth, it will orbit the earth in just 20 days. The dream of space conquest is a natural human curiosity. That is why man first set foot on the moon in 189.

The day may not be far off when man will come to the moon with an artificial satellite.

Maybe the day will come when people will settle on the back of the moon. By removing the old woman from the moon, people will sit on the back of the moon and cut the wheel. Even if that thread doesn't work for humans, when we see a human settlement with a telescope in the night sky, they are walking and talking ... we will feel as if we are looking at ourselves in a mirror of space. Just like we see in the mirror of our house. Then we will see a shadow of human civilization on the back of the moon without seeing a shadow! Then Mars! All this will be leaving the moon beside the earth. The moon is just ours! Our nearest neighbor, just like a little sister of the earth is our little moon!

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