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Greetings everyone in this wonderful community. How are you all doing today??? I believe everyone is fine and doing great. Today, I have an interesting topic to discuss which I titled "peer pressure in school." To be honest, peer pressure is one factor that can make a student not to be comfortable and Excell academically because there are too many things to be considered while talking about peer pressure.


When we talk about peer pressure,it simply means a person being influenced by others to start acting the way they act. There are many people that comes from a good Christian home who on a normal basis wouldn't indulge in any form of evil or iniquity like abortion, smoking, drinking, clubbing,partying and lots more but the moment the enters school and wants to belong to a certain group and finds out that this is exactly what others are doing,in order to feel among the person starts living a life that is opposite of who he or she is,this is peer pressure.

When we talk about pressure, it is best defined by the word FORCE. So many young girls has lost their lives, sanity and lots more simply because they want to belong and the peer they want to belong to now mounts a pressure on them to do what they do.

A typical example of peer pressure is this short story line;

Sandra is a young girl who got admission into the university to study law. During her stay in school, she tries to make friends and associate with other young girls in her department and in her quest to do such she discovered that those girls are doing so many diabolic this lie sleeping around, skipping class and even sleeping with their lectures just to get good grades. At this point she was confused, if she rejects and condemn what they do she will be rejected by the group and if she joins them she will be living a life under pressure. This is a typical illustration of what a peer pressure is.

So may students finds themselves in this ugly incident and without proper guidance and mentorship, they tends to make mistake in their decision which they finally regret.

We all should know that the university is just a temporary place of learning, yes it's good to make friends and interact with people while in school but never because of trying to feel among and belong to the big girls and big boys association in school forget your purpose of going to school.

It's important we know this,each time you want to indulge in any form of act and your conscience condemns the act,don't do it even if your friends are there telling you to do it because this is one of the easiest way to control peer pressure by simply thinking about your actions before doing them.

Don't allow the dressing, phones, food, perfumes or many other physical things appearance of other students in school affect your personality because there are too many fakes and Borrowed life in school.

Be yourself.
Work hard.
Study smart.
Go face your life.
School is just a foundation of the real life you're going to face there outside school.

I hope this little piece makes sense???
Thanks friends for visiting my blog.


I am @ladyofpolicy.


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Intriguing and lovely write up👌👌👌.

Nice post

Nice lines

A woman of principle!! Thanks for enlightening us. Peer pressure is a really powerful force which takes a lot of principle and determination to overcome.

Thank you so much dear for visiting my blog

Thanks sis for this write-up, peer pressure is one the factors that can influence one either positively or negatively.
Positively in the sense that pressure to read and have a good result can be attested to the good peer pressure but you see the peer pressure from influence of wearing the lastest clothes and wigs is putting a lot female undergraduates into prostitution.
Once again thanks for this write-up.

My dear... The feeling of wanting to belong is one thing that is killing this generation... But let the wise do the right thing.

Fear of contemporaries is always strong, but want to be him/herself, knowing what he or she wanted then be firm with that. Not following after the crowd. Thanks for sharing this with us here, we appreciate you 💕 continue to be active in our community.

Thank you sis