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Hello my wonderful people, how you all doing today?, I believe you all are doing great. Thanks to God.

Welcome once again to my blog as I share with you on something new titled " UNDERSTANDING LANGUAGE SKILLS AS A STUDENT".

Language is a tool for communication, interaction and social relationship. Everyone requires the use of language, but for students in particular, effective knowledge of language is necessary for a good overall academic performance.

Beyond academics, proficiency in the use of language has many Advantages. On the other hand, deficiency in it could potentially affect one's socio-economic prospects. To learn and master a language, you need four basic skills. These are

  • Listening.
  • Speaking.
  • Reading.
  • Writing.

The four complement one another. Listening and reading skills are passive skills as you only "consume" the language; speaking and writing are active skills because with these, you are "producing". The mastery of these four skills is required for one to be proficient in any language.

A good Listening skills is unavoidable in learning a language. Listening must be done intensionally and purposefully. Rapt attention is crucial as the brain works along in processing the spoken words.

Sometimes the environment, facial and other physical expression of the speaker help in understanding the message. To develop this, you can listen to live speakers, use audio books, listening to good and edifying music and so on.

As you listen, you may note unfamiliar words to be checked up later. It is necessary to make efforts to be acquainted with the sounds of the language, as this will help mastering pronunciation.

Speaking is with the aim of passing your message or ideas. Speaking a language as soon as you start learning it will help you to overcome feeling of incompetence. Find a partner who is already a proficient user of the language for a regular conversation.

Avid Reading along with the use of dictionary is key to learning and mastering a language as it provides the opportunity to develop your vocabulary, expressions, punctuation, spelling ability and so on.

Read wide on various subjects, read newspapers, novels, magazines e.t.c

Writing skill is very important for a student. Practice makes perfection, you may start with informal letter or a simple composition earlier in the learning stage of the language. While native speakers generally acquire language , this does not guarantee proficiency.

A student hoping to master a language must make conscious efforts. This includes acquiring necessary items that would aid him, practicing regularly, seeking relevant guidance formally or informally.

Mastery of language has many Advantages and it includes;

  • There is the ability to speak clearly and effectively.
  • This grant the user confidence and social inclusion.
  • The economic benefit are huge.
  • Good speakers are often required at events and formal gatherings to perform.

Without good knowledge of language, one is limited in the circles and spheres of operation, interaction and influence. This can lead to loss of opportunities.

With good knowledge of language, one is able to understand people and the world around them better.

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Hello @jerryivan thank you so much for sharing this unique content with us here, truly everyone have to develop language skills in order to be successful in life. Please you may consider delegating SP for campus connect you will be earning curation reward, thanks in advance and continue to be active in our community we appreciate you 💕

I so much enjoyed the reading, I mean the content is interesting. I learnt about the four basic skills one need to master a language. Keep producing good contents here in the community, you stand a chance of lecturing others.

Omo you've written a good Content here! It's hard for me to understand the language of ogbia people where I school in Bayelsa! So can this skill you listed above help me to learn and understand that?

As someone who lives in Kaduna, I often get scolded for not understanding Hausa and I really want to learn it. I found this post really interesting because of the guidance it provides. Steem on brosev

Very interesting post
I am glad you shared this with us