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Hello my fellow steemians in the house, how you all doing today?, I know you are doing great.

Welcome to my blog again

Today, I will be sharing with you on the Dangers and effect of Internet and web technology.

Before I start to talk on that, I want to really appreciate all the members of this community for their ceaseless work in making this community to go forward, especially @whitestallion, @swaylee, @emmanuel-malume and many others, that If I start to mention names it won't end.
I say thank you for your support and love. God bless you all.

Now let go over to what I want to share with you which is on the danger and effect of Internet and web technology on students.

In recent times, online and multimedia technologies have become integral components to our daily lives. It's even quite common to see students with digital devices because of the numerous positive impact of technology.

Mostly, technology can enhance academic excellence, increase human productivity, and improve work speed and efficiency. Technologies such as smartboard, canvas, document cameras, Apple TV's, and many others are used to engage students in the learning process.

The use of digital devices can build independence, academic confidence and help boost interest in acquiring new skills. It encourages social interaction and introduces students to various world views and cultures.

Technology can bring fantasy world to life and thereby promoting imagination and learning. Online games promote task accomplishment which helps logical reasoning in students. Exposure to technology enables them develop skills for high powered jobs.

However, the rapid pave at which young people are adopting technology into their lives calls for concern. Despite bits numerous advantages, technology can have serious adverse effects on students development if unchecked.

The following are some of the grave effects of the abuse of technology:

  • ADDICTIONS:- When students aren't properly guided on the use of technological gadget, they can get addicted to them, such that they feel depressed when they are without one. They can also dabble into online site with X-rated content. When this happens, such addicted students can be affected socially, emotionally, and psychologically.

  • CYBERCRIME:- when there is so much enthusiasm for gaming, a student can start visiting websites that share computer games cheat codes. Also, in a bid to gain a sense of achievement among peers, they could unintentionally engage in criminal activities with the use of a networked device. Cybercrimes vary in forms such as, email phishing, online site hacking, terrorism and spreading hate messages. It could also include bullying, intimidation, harassment, depression and oppression.

  • SUICIDE:- Research states that the more time students spend on smartphones and other electronic screens, the more likely they are to feel depressed and think about, or attempt suicide. When a students is emotionally or psychologically abused or bullied, it could lead to depression and eventually to suicide.

  • VIOLENCE:- Students who mismanage technology are at risk of behaving aggressively. They can be more prone to violence and exposed to hate speech or discord. Beside, violent content can incite self-harm and even suicide, if not checked.

  • POOR ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE:- In a quest to be abreast of trends, some young person's give little or no time for studies. Instead, they spend most of their time reading posts and watching videos. As a result, their school work is disrupted and they get poor grades in return.

  • PROCRASTINATION:- Technology is undoubtedly a major cause of distraction, especially for young people. Some can get glued to a technological device and postpone assignments, house chores and other important duties to a later time.

Thank you for reading, God bless you !!!


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nice post

Thanks boss, I appreciate

Yh man all you've said are true. There are alot of students who are obsessed with their phones and laptops. During classes and even when they are to read for exam they easily get distracted by their cellular devices. Well said fam. Steem on

Thanks for your support, I appreciate

Everything is good when we do it with moderation, it's true that a lot of people are not internet/social media smart today, that is why they are obsessed. Thanks for sharing this quality contents with us here, continue to be active in our community we appreciate you 💕