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Good morning to this wonderful community. It's been long have posted here in this community. Am back again, and welcome to my blog once again.


Today, I will be sharing with you on the subject "The concept of continuous assessment on campus". Though we as student are on strike but nevertheless we still need learn from one another.

Continuous assessment is a periodic evaluation of what the student has done to ascertain their level of understanding. Through continuous assessment, lecturers are able to discover how much of what is taught is understood by students.

In the past, students were examined once at the end of the semester. Continuous assessment (CA). However, is an improvement over this initial practice. It is Carried out at different times and on different areas of learning. In other words, students are tested at different times in the semester, not only through regular writing using pen on paper; but also their attendance, attitude, likes, dislikes, ability to use their hands to create things in class are all assessed.

It has been proved that student perform and understand better, when continuous assessment is used than when it is once and for all examination in at the session. Continuous Assessment helps to reappraising our strategies to attain success.

Continuous Assessment is "COMPREHENSIVE"; It includes normal test, projects, assignment, practical, class attendance, attitude to school work, leadership qualities, skills of drawing e.t.c

It is "CUMULATIVE" in that all the assessments from the beginning to the end count. Performances are carried forward to subsequent lessons. It is also "Guidance-Oriented" because because it highlights areas of strengths and weakness of students and helps in the choice of career.

Since continuous assessment is done from time to time, it helps to curb laziness and procrastination. Students' potential are realized. In the past, only those who could reproduce what they learnt on paper are termed brilliant. Now, other talents involving the areas like using of their hands to create things, good relationships, e.t.c, are now appreciated and encouraged to develop and consequently contribute to societal growth.

It helps to identify career areas through the observation of performance in the different areas tested. Feedbacks at different times and in different areas tests are admitted, which consequently, enhance better planning for teaching. It also help to develop self-confidence, driving students to commence study early enough, identify areas to improve on e.t.c However, there at pitfalls to avoid.

Some of the practices to avoid include:

  1. Contracting out the assignment.
  2. Copying what others have done.
  3. Buying some ready-made projects e.t.c.

The other extreme is not doing it at all. Those guilty in any of these end up learning nothing and this the purpose becomes defeated. As a student, realize that policies like continuous assessment were put in place for your good. Therefore, faithfully apply yourself to it and you will be happy for it.


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I believe this will be helpful to other students continue to be active in our community, but you need to power up at least 110 Steems to be in #club5050 as you've fall off.