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It is often said, "charity begins at home." One of the popular interpretations of this saying is that one starts learning from home. From birth till when we grow older, we learn a lot of things like morals, hygiene, etc from home. One of the most important persons who helped to teach me stuffs is my adorable mother. My mother had taught me stuffs that has helped shaped me into becoming what I am today.


She has taught me never to indulge in crimes like stealing, no matter the pressure. She explains that the shame that the shame that accompanies a girl thief is grave, something that can tarnish my image and that of my family forever. She this advised me to be contented with what I have, and to be patient till I can acquire the things I want through genuine means. I have learnt to be ambitious and not greedy through my mother.

My mother has also taught me to be discipline, courteous and kind. She has also taught me never to hesitate helping the aged, poor and needy when I can, citing that my reward will be heaped for me in heaven. In school, she has always stressed the need for me to be obedient to those ahead of me, especially those in authority. I have since then stopped kicking against the prick since my mom said it's not helpful.

In the same vein, she taught me how to demonstrate courtesy in public. She told me to always maintain good manners, for example, I shouldn't pick my nose in public so as not to be seen as an uncultured person. She also advices me on speaking pidgin English in public, especially to those who are of high profile, as they may consider me unschooled. My table manners have also been influenced by my mom. She insists that I maintain good table manners publicly or privately.

My mother has always drummed into my ears that as a girl, I must strive to always be clean. She emphasized that I should be doubly conscious of my hygiene whenever I'm menstruating. She taught me to brush my teeth twice everyday, bathe twice everyday, wash my underwear regularly and take good care of my skin.

Another important thing my mom has taught me is how to relate with the opposite sex. She has told me the dangers of having male friends that are immoral. She once said that, having male friends is not wrong but any male friend who is of questionable moral character should not be my friend.

Thus, I have learnt to choose both my male and female friends carefully because some female friends, she explained, can lead me into immorality. I have learnt d from her to listen to people's word, as what they say will help me determine if they should be my friend or not. My mom also taught me how to be useful at home - or anywhere I find myself. From whence I was a little child, she taught me how to sweep. From sweeping, she taught me how to wash plates. From washing, she taught me how to wash clothes and many other things. Today, I'm grateful to her and God that I love carrying out household chores.


Whenever I see my friends or classmates lazy about tidying up their immediate environment, I pity them though but I usually laugh and whisper a 'thank you' to my sweet, caring and hard-working mom. I'm always proud whenever people see my environment clean and wonder at the fact that I did it. My mom as indeed taught me a lot of things that has been of immense help to me as I grow up and I appreciate her a lot. There are more and more and more to talk about but I'd love to draw the curtain here.

Thank you so much for taking out time to go through my post.🖤

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