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It is common knowledge that students need to study. There are several ways of studying but the two most common ones are; Individual study and Group study. There are some arguments as to which of these two studying methods is better. But from personal analysis, I have come to a conclusion that group studying is of more benefit to students than individual studying.

Individual studying involves any study or research carried out by a person alone without any interaction with others with the sole aim of benefitting academically.
Group studying on the other hand is any study or research carried out by a group of people/individuals aiming towards the same academic goal and who work together for the good and betterment of all the members of the group.

Study_in_group_in_the_HHS_library.jpgGroup studying

It involves teaching and interacting with others especially in an organized manner with a bid to enhance knowledge about a particular topic, subject or course. Below are my few reasons why I think that studying in a group has more advantages than individual study. While I agree that not everyone may like the idea, I strongly feel that my reasons are concrete and valid and should make the highly individualistic book worms to have a rethink.

    While studying in a group, there is free flow of ideas from one member to another because of the atmosphere of interaction. This is as opposed to the individual who is studying alone and is stuck with only what he/she knows. In group study, whatever one member does not understand can be explained by another member. ideas, formulas, methods and mnemonic devices are freely shared and this ensures improvement in knowledge and grades.

    This is perhaps one of the most important reasons for joining a study group. Studying bin a group pushes people to read more so as to meet up with other members of the group. An erstwhile lackadaisical student who joins a study group suddenly sees the need to sit up and read more as he is challenged by the performance of other group members. Competition sets in and encourages every member to up their game.

    Group studying imbibes in members certain virtues like leadership and selflessness. An individual studying alone has no extra responsibility given to him in connection with serving others. She reads her books for herself. But belonging to a group helps teach you how to lead others especially when you are saddled with the responsibility of moderating a discussion.

Also, because you are in a group, you will learn to render help to the academically weak among you. These virtues could be useful in future especially in your work place or in public service.

    A member of a study group, with time, will know much more than one who studies alone. The saying "two good heads are better than one" has not yet gone out of style. One can only wonder what would happen when up to seven 'good heads' come together! It is therefore futile to argue that one student, no matter how intelligent and gifted, can be more knowledgeable than a congregation of ten studios members of a study group, who meet regularly and task themselves to attain excellence.

    A member of a study group soon learns how to retain more information than the non-member. Since he will be opportune to lead in a discussion on any topic or course, he studies more vigorously and memorises a lot so as not to disappoint the group. Moreover, as already observed, ideas on how to better retain information could be shared by members to other members. A good instance is when a member has a Chemistry teacher as a father, who has a mnemonic for the first 20 scientific elements. Such a member will freely shared such mnemonic with her group members. Incidentally, students who participate in teaching other student end up not forgetting what they taught.

Learnin-Pyramid-740x642.pngImproving retention

It is a secret teachers use against students and make students feel inadequate. Many teachers may not be the walking encyclopaedia they claim to be if not for the fact that they actually teach the topics. So when a student also stands or sits in front of other students to impact knowledge, such knowledge remains in her for a very long time. In fact, it is next to impossible for the student to forget that topic or lesson she taught.

    A study group helps students familiarise themselves with like minds. Such friendships could outlive secondary School and even University. The fact is that in today's world, networking is a concept everyone must embrace if they must function optimally socioeconomically. How else will one create healthy friendship except with members of the same study group? The frequent meetings and discussions will surely bring you all together into more fruitful relationships.

In conclusion, I make bold to assert that as a student, I have tasted both methods of studying and that I have come to the realisation that group studying is more beneficial. Thank you for staying with me to the end.


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Well said. All students ought to know this, especially medical students. Group study is invaluable for guaranteed success.