Campus Connect Week 17 Delegation Reward Summary

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Hello friends and welcome to campus connect weekly delegation summary, We are currently at 75,027 cumulative Steem Power and still riding. We are happy to have reached this milestone and we already have our sights on our next target.

We keep building our curation power and keep making more progress as a community, steem power is just part of the plan for campus connect. We also make notable improvements, net in other aspects of our community.


Current Delegators and Delegators Reward For the Last 7 Days

We are currently in the 16th week since Campus Connect delegation program debuted, we have witnessed huge growth and we are happy to have made huge progress. We now have a total of 49 delegators with more than 75,027.33 Steem Power Delegated.

NoDelegatorAmountDelegation reward
1@davosimple1,000.0962.04 Steem
2@goodybest15003.06 Steem
3@iddy250.1130.51 Steem
4@jueco1,0002.04 Steem
5@paulyoung500.428 Steem
7@unyimeetuk100.1350.404 Steem
8@whitestallion15,006.145Nil Reward
9@dayographix6001.224 Steem
10@badmus-official30004.08 Steem
11@awesononso10002.04 Steem
12@swaylee20003.06 Steem
13@starshipsfly1000.204 Steem
14@lhorgic20004.08 Steem
15@beckie96830800016.32 Steem
17@clarence25300.0612 Steem
18@victoh783000.612 Steem
20@christnenye1000.204 Steem
21@simonnwigwe20004.08 Steem
22@arinzegod125001.224 Steem
23@reporter-ann450.0918 Steem
24@drstrings100.020 Steem
25@solar-star20004.08 Steem
26@pocoloco0120004.08 Steem
27@mato44520004.08 Steem
28@anyiglobal5001.02 Steem
39@bright61265001.02 Steem
30@iams11000.204 Steem
31@icon-monday500.102 Steem
33@lordhojay5001.02 Steem
34@vickydear1000.204 Steem
37@daprado1999320.065 Steem
38@tayetaiwo600012.24 Steem
39@kingkenny042500.102 Steem
41@starrchris11002.244 Steem
42@phlexygee10002.04 Steem
43@harryel1000.204 Steem
44@ugochukwuprosper2000.57 Steem
46@wilosmith1500.285 Steem
47@yakspeace1000.204 Steem
48@srrebullient4000.816 Steem
49@ronindboss3000.612 Steem
50@ukpono500.102 Steem
51@gracyakan5001.02 Steem
52@ademuji3000.285 Steem
53@favrite10002.04 Steem
54@blackalbino3000.285 Steem
55@preye27000.285 Steem


We have made transferred all the delegation rewards to all of our Delegators


Note- Due to the increasing price of steem, we will be making a slight change to the model of our delegation rewards, be rest assured that you will still receive an equivalent of the same deal you currently have in USD.

We appreciate and love all of our delegators, we love you all, keep steeming hot, Also special Thanks to steemcurator01 for their support.



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Nice I almost thought there were no more delegation Rewards. Well thank you Campus Connect, this would go a long way in boosting delegators morale and get more potential delegators so the community power can grow

Wow I could only hope we keep growing up, indeed as a community it is imperative that we must build our steem power to better support the community members and this delegation program is a nice initiative and I believe with this and with one mind as we have always have that this is just the beginning we would definitely achieve great things together 💪

Nice!!!, lets keep the pace going 😎

I don't really get please, my name appeared and you claim to have sent the rewards which I didn't receive

And again, it say weekly rewards, it more than 4 weeks that I've delegate nothing has shown yet

What is going on please?

Your issues will be attended to, keep calm.


A well detailed update. Keep up the good work for we the members are kin on seeing thd community grow even further.

This is great
Congratulations to you all
We move

Nice work everyone, and please how can I join your curation trail

Wow you guys did well keep it up my fellow steemians

That's a very nice summary!

Thanks for sending the reward across.

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Thanks very much I appreciate,

Pls I delegated 100sp not 50sp, this mistake should be corrected.