Campus Connect Top 3 Daily Posts for 23rd April 2022

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Hello friends and welcome to our featured post for 23rd April 2022, We have gathered some of the best quality posts for the day, below are the top 3 posts for 23rd April 2022.


We hope you enjoy reading our selection for today...


Featured Posts for 23rd April 2022



Campus Gist: University of Lagos or Bowen University- My advise to Rema

Author @arinzegod12

Club Status

Club Status | Club5050✅




Highlights of Campus Connect Anniversary on the 14th of April 2022 By whitestallion

Author @whitestallion

Club Status

Club Status | Club5050✅




Campus Diary - I purchased a used computer from Ikeja Computer Village. - 20/04/2022

Author @mato445

Club Status

Club Status | Club75✅


Criteria for Selection

  • Campus connect Members must be Active on Campus Connect, Must have at least 2 Active posts at any point in Time.

  • Campus connect members must be part of the Club5050 Program

  • Posts must be Unplagarized and must contain the appropriate tags like- #steemexcluixsve and #campusconnect , #countrytag( for Example #nigeria)

  • Post must match the type of posts accepted in our community. Only Campus Related Posts will be curated from now on.

  • Members should at least set @campusconnectng as 10% beneficiary.

  • Engagement in the community is of paramount importance. Each member of Campus Connect is expected to comment and engage with others' posts.


We believe this program will help us appreciate quality posts made in the community. All Community members have equal chances of getting selected if they stick to the rules of the program. '

We also Thank @steemcurator01 and the steemit Team for their assistance and invaluable votes in our community., Keep Steeming hot🔥🔥


I am @dayographix reporting for @campusconnectng


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It good to be back, congratulations to all the selected authors and thank you for selecting my post

Congratulations to users whose posts have been selected 🎊

One thing Iike about this daily selection is that it encourages one to do more. Nice one campusconnect

Congratulations to the selected winners🎉🎉

Congratulations to the selected users, just keep Steeming hot 🚀 and you might get lucky.

Weldone campusconnect.

Great selection those are important post

Congratulations to all the selected posts, let's keep up with the good work. Greetings!

Congratulations to the selected posts.
Keep on steeming hot

Nice selections

Congratulations to them I think this idea of selecting nice write up everyday on campus connect it's really an encouraging one I must say.....
Kudos to @campusconnectng

Congrautlations on the selected users