Campus Connect Engagement Contest Week 5 - Side Hustle On Campus As A Student

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Hello friends and welcome to Campus Connect Engagment Contest week 4, in this weeks contest we are asking our participants to tell us about their side hustle while they pursue a university degree in their current campus. Most students have to a part time job in order to aid themselves and support themselves as students.

So in your entry, you may talk about

  • What is your side hustle is

  • How do you merge both side hustle and education on campus.

  • How many hours to dyou work a week on your side hustle.


  • You must be subscribed to campus connect community.

  • You must join the Campus Connect curation trail

  • Your entry must be creative with no trace of plagiarism

  • Your entry must not be less than 300 words.

  • Be creative because we want to enjoy reading your entry.

  • Drop a link to your entry as a comment on this post.

  • Use #campusengagement-week5, #campusconnect, and #lifestyle one of your first five tags.

  • Participants must not be powering down and should maintain a good #club5050 record

  • Engage in as many posts as possible, Participants who engage stand a chance to win the contest.

  • Participants must invite at least 2 new users to join this contest

  • Participants invite at least 2 new users to join this contest

  • This contest will run for the next 7 days until this post pays out, 16th August 2022



1st10 Steem Power + Booming Vote
2nd6 Steem Power + Booming Vote
3rd4 Steem Power + Booming Vote

Participants with quality entry stands a high chance of receiving booming votes, however votes are not guaranteed



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Great contest again, the idea of this is to have campus connect members to interact and share their side hustle experience being a student, will be dropping my entry sooner.

Let's go!!!

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Great contest, I'll try and take part

Interesting contest, i must surely take part

Indeed this is an interesting contest I should be part of as a student with a side hustle.

I see a very nice engagement.

Please check my eligibility to participate in this contest. My account was hacked and powered down, but I am actively participating in club5050

My entry

Difficulty joining the curation trail after several attempts. Pls help with another link? @campusconnectng .