Giving to a Beggar the Smallest Unit out of the Higher Units! ~ What a heck!! Can you do that?

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Hello, Good day everyone!!
It was yet another working day! I was diligently doing my security work at the bank. The morning came, we greeted and welcomed customers into our organization, business men and women trooped in to deposit and withdraw money into their & from their account. I can see smiles on their beautiful faces, "the lord is so wonderful to them" - their businesses are moving fine, their debtors has paid, their clients has delivered, money counts... Everything is good.

I stood at the doorpost welcoming them, I greeted them in our operational level slangs, "Welcome to Heritage Bank"... They replied calmly and happily. I opened the door for them and they entered after undergoing some security search. They came along with their vehicles and motorcycles. I gave them warm smiles accompanied by a warm greeting as they moved out from the banking hall.

I rotated with my second on duty. I sat small to ease the pressure on my legs. I routed the cars to park well in the parking space provided. They carry out their transactions in the banking hall done for them by the cashiers. People clustered the ATM machine to withdraw their funds. I watched and directed them also to ensure that no one made a costly mistake that will make their card stuck in the machine. People with act of giving gave I and my fellow guards some money to drink pure water.



As I was directing cars to park well in the provided parking space, I glanced immediately to a beggar across the road seeking for alms from well meaning Nigerians. At that instant, I saw a man on his motorcycle across the road, opposite to the side where the beggar was standing. The man persistently calls the beggar to cross across the road and collect some money to aid herself and her mother.

I was still watching from my own stand saying within myself, "Oh! this man is such a kind and benevolent man"... God will really bless him.

I was still watching the man to see how much he will give to the young beggar, as he brought out some money from his pocket, infront of the young beggar he called to cross over, he flip past one thousand naira (#1000) note, he flipped past five hundred naira (#500) note, he flipped past two hundred naira (#200) note, he flip past hundred naira (#100) note, he flipped past fifty naira (#50) note, and lo and behold he brought out ten naira (#10) note and gave to the beggar - Wow! I shouted, so it is because of #10 that this man was seriously and persistently calling this beggar to cross across the road? I asked myself in amazement!

The beggar wholeheartedly collected the money and thanked him, because there's an adage that says that "a beggar has no choice". The young beggar then crossed back to the other side of the road where she came from. The man zoomed off on his motorcycles... I nodded my head and immediately told my colleagues what I just witnessed.

I know most of us will be like asking themselves why am I so bothered about the amount the man gave out to the beggar; well, am concerned because of the way he was seriously calling the young beggar to come across the road and collect money as if he will give a higher amount of money as he had enough money with him, but he chose the smallest unit out the units he has.

This is my own true life story and observation. I wouldn't mind if you can tell me what you learnt in this creative writing.

Am glad you read this story! I believe you have learnt something new today.

I am @anyiglobal, a Computer Scientist, Software Engineer and a Blogger!

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