Donation Financial Reports for Steem Kindness for Better Life Program

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Since the release of the Steem Kindness program, fundraising through a 25% share payout for the @steemkindness account has started since early September 2021. Until now the fundraising is still continuing. The funds collected will be used for economic empowerment activities for micro-entrepreneurs and charitable activities in accordance with the programs vision and mission.

As a form of responsibility of program implementers to donors. We will report in detail the use of the funds have been collected on a regular basis. This accountability is a form of accountability for program implementers with donors and the community.

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The remaining balance in rupiah on October 08, 2021 is 6.240,859 IDR.

Details in previous report by @subkiusman : Steem Kindness Financial Report

The remaining funds will be used for the next Steem Kindness work activity. Meanwhile, SBD that has been collected and has not been converted to rupiah until October 8, 2021 : 31,292 SBD.

poster_2021-10-08-013815-01.jpegScreenshot - October 08, 2021

Remaining balance in IDR - 8 october 20126.240,859 IDR
Remaining balance in IDR - 8 october 201231,292 SBD

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Thus the financial accountability report that we can convey, we as implementers of the STEEM KINDNESS for Better Life Program will continue to update the report as needed. Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation.

Best regards,

Cc : @steemcurator01 @pennsif

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