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Visiting a place to enjoy the food served, we may often be with family or friends or friends. But not all the places we visit, we will visit again. This is due to the menu that is served, whether we are getting more tasteful or not.

Teras cafe is a place that I often visit with my family to enjoy dinner, although sometimes I only come for a while to enjoy and even buy to enjoy when I'm at home

This cafe is located di Jl. Samudera Baru No.77b, Lancang Garam, Kec. Banda Sakti, Kota Lhokseumawe, Aceh 24351 dengan kode plusnya : 54MX+4Q Lancang Garam, Kota Lhokseumawe, Aceh dan what3words nya:


This cafe is a cafe that serves various types of menus, especially salmon steaks and venison, which of course are the favorite menus of visitors when visiting this cafe. Even for salmon steaks from several cafes in the city of Lhokseumawe, only this cafe provides this very special menu.

The location in the city center and close to office and health facilities makes this cafe have very bright prospects in the future. Even though during the covid 19 pandemic, this cafe does not serve meals on the spot but is wrapped to be enjoyed at home or at the office during working hours.

Even for the food menu everything is prepared when we order it, waiting is a common thing here. We can also enjoy the garden located in this cafe with various types so that our eyes feel in the middle of a very beautiful flower garden.

On our visit this time we ordered fried rice with a menu variant, there was beef steak, free-range chicken and an omelet.


Fried rice omelette menu


Beef steak menu fried rice


Village chicken fried rice

This is because salmon and venison are out of stock. So if you want to enjoy salmon steak, you should contact first.

And this is the receipt for the food we ordered.



With my son enjoying dinner

Indeed, not many visitors came tonight, because it was still in the atmosphere of Eid al-Fitr, so many people chose to stay in touch.


The atmosphere at the cafe


Where we enjoy dinner

This place provides a family atmosphere with excellent service. So that we feel comfortable when visiting this cafe. So the place is very suitable to be visited with family or friends or friends to enjoy food at this cafe.

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If you want to enjoy salmon or venison, you should contact first

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Cafe ini adalah salah satu restaurant favorit keluarga kami sejak lama. Melihat postingan bapak saya jadi ingin mampir ke sana. Suasana cafe yang nyaman dan makanan yang super lezat selalu membuat saya ingin kembali menyantap kuliner di cafe tersebut. Makanan favorit kami adalah tenderloin steak dan soto betawi. Juga waffel dengan ice cream.

Disini juga tersedia es cream dengan berbagai varian rasa, thanks