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Hello Steemians!
It's another time again to participate in steemit engagement challenge. I am Kehinde Micheal and my username is @msquaretwins here on this great platform. This is my seventh participation in the Steemit Engagement Challenge. This contest is for steem Entrepreneur and we have been asked to review a business in our locality, and so I'm going to be reviewing one of the businesses in my area, Ibadan, Nigeria. I hope you will find the products that I'm going to be sharing useful. Happy reading!


Business Review in My City, Ibadan, Nigeria.


Ibadan is the name of my city. It's the capital of Oyo State, Nigeria and the biggest city in the whole of Africa. I'm going to be reviewing a business in Ibadan just as I have been asked.

Simplygoldedge Nigeria Enterprise

The name of the business I am reviewing is Simplygoldedge Nigeria Enterprise. It's a business founded by a young Nigerian lady, Gold Towobola. She is the founder and CEO of Simplygoldedge Nigeria Enterprise.

Picture of the CEO, Simplygoldedge Nigeria Enterprise.

She's born and bred in Ibadan where her business located. She holds a bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Chemistry from one of the best State universities in Nigeria, the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Nigeria.

Simplygoldedge Nigeria Enterprise is into hair cream, body cream, hair conditioner, hair treatment, makeup and "gele" services. Gold founded her business when she was in the second year in the university, in 2016. So she has been in the business for about 6years. Her initiative to found the business was as a result of her passion for beauty and fashion.

Simplygoldedge Nigeria Enterprise is located at Plot 11c , Ido housing scheme, bode Igbo- apata , ibadan. The Google map showing the location of this area is shown below.

Location of the Business in Ibadan | GOOGLE MAP

Currently, Simplygoldedge provides three products : hair cream, body cream, hair conditioner. These products are of quality and very affordable. The business also offers three services: hair treatment, makeup and "gele" services. Simplygoldedge Nigeria Enterprise wishes to increase the products and the services they offer as time goes on.

The Products

SimplyGoldedge Nigeria Enterprise Products

Like I said, there are three products which Simplygoldedge produces at the moment. These products are shown in the image above and are listed in the table with the price of each product in naira and steem

S/NProduct NamePrice (NGN)Price (Steem)
1.Goldedge Hair cream (Small size)2000.7
.Goldedge hair cream (Big size)3501.2
2.Goldedge Body cream (Small size)850.3
.Goldedge Body cream (Big size)3001
3.Goldedge Hair Conditioner18006.2

The image of the Goldeedge products and the brief description of these products are provided below.

Goldedge Hair Cream

Human hair is one of the most important things which people take care. Nobody wants his or her hair left unkept. Goldedge hair cream works as an antidandruff. It repairs hair and it also makes hair grow. Women who want their hair to grow can use the product and those who want theirs repaired can also use this product. The product is very affordable and quality.

Goldedge Hair cream

Goldedge Body Cream

Another important product of Goldedge is the body cream. The body cream contains Shea butter which is a great emollient which softens the skin and makes it glow. Everybody wants their skin to glow, and hence this type of product offers you this. It can be used by both men and women.

Goldedge Body cream

Goldedge Hair Conditioner

Goldedge hair Conditioner is a three in one product and 100% natural made with organic ingredients. Part of the ingredients of this product are coconut oil and aloe vera. The leave-in conditioner is also a moisturizer and detangler which makes hair softer, repairs hair, prevents breakage and also prevents dryness of hair

Goldedge Hair Conditioner

Goldedge Hair Conditioner

The Services

Simplygoldedge Nigeria Enterprise also provides services for her customers. They provide services in hair treatment, makeup and "gèlè" services. She's one of the best provider of these services in Ibadan. She's done many works both in Ibadan and outside of the city.

For example, an image below is an example of a make-up Goldedge did for a customer. The customer is one the most popular campus students who is into blogging and motivational writing. She tried the services of Goldedge and she liked it. See the image below.

Makeup done for a customer by Goldedge

Goldedge is also good at "gele" service. "Gele" is woman's headwrap. One of the most important part of woman dresses is headwrap. In Nigeria, if they buy or sew beautiful dresses and have not gotten headwrap for the dresses or cloth, their dresses aren't complete. Headwrap is used by them, especially if they have party. There are different types of headwrap, but there's a common one which they normally use for occasion, party or any special ceremony.

Many women want to use "gele" , but they don't know how to tie it. There are people who specialize in this. Such is SimplyGoldedge Nigeria Enterprise. Goldedge is very good at this service. They don't only make beautiful "gele", but they treat the customers with dignity and respect. An example of the "gèlè" (headwrap) which Goldedge made for their customers are shown below.

Gèlè (Headwrap) and Makeup Made for a customer by Goldedge

Gèlè (Headwrap) and Makeup Made for a customer by Goldedge

Hair treatment is another service which Goldedge provides. Women need to treat their hair time to time to prevent hair loss and give them healthy hair. Women need to treat the hair to protect the hair. Many people have one thing or the other which they buy to treat their air, but there are specialists who can treat hair for you and you will like it. Goldedge is a specialist in treating hair. Many customers have used Goldedge to treat their hair and their review were good.

Hair Treatment and Makeup given to a Customer by Goldedge

These three services, hair treatment, make-up, and "gèlè" service make by Goldedge is very affordable. The price of each of the services is given in the table below.

S/NService NamePrice (NGN)Price (Steem)
1.Hair Treatment10003.5
3..Gèlè (Headwrap) wrapping5001.7

Those are the prices of the services Goldedge provide. It's one the cheapest price you will ever find in the city of Ibadan. Generally, things are always costly in the City, especially in the capital, but Goldedge makes things easy for their customers and they are always interested in customer satisfaction.


How You can Reach Goldedge


Like I already said, the business location of Goldedge is Plot 11c , Ido housing scheme, bode Igbo- apata , ibadan, Nigeria. But Goldedge still has a bumper shop online. You can also reach Simplygoldedge Nigeria Enterprise by visiting their online shop. Their online shop address is Simplygoldedge Nigeria Enterprise.

Upon clicking on that, you will be taken to their online shop where you will see different products.


You can also chat them on WhatsApp by clicking the the WhatsApp icon on the homepage of the online shop. You can contact them directly to order for the products in bulk and ask them for their services.


Goldedge can be your plug if you have any kind of occasion. You want to do make up, treat your hair or wrap you headwrap for weddings or any ceremony, you can contact them.




In this post, I have been able to review a business in my city, Ibadan. Simplygoldedge Nigeria Enterprise is one of the businesses located in Ibadan which provides both quality products and services. I hope you have found this review interesting. Thank you all for reading.

written by @msquaretwins

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Hi @msquaretwins
Excellent post. Very good business with beautiful and hardworking women you present.

It is our pleasure to inform you that you are a winner in our contest in the first week of the challenge. The prize is a Voto Booming, we appreciate to receive the prize to have some active publication in the Colombia-Original community.

Thank you so much @colombiaoriginal for engaging. I am glad i was part of the people that were selected. Thank you for your efforts...

Wow, this business is really great, it's sad that I don't stay in ibadan.

I'll love to test her product because I believe they will be superb.

Thanks for sharing this @msquaretwins

Yeah... It is. Thanks for reading through my friend.

It's my pleasure bro

Wow, a good review. And it is really amazing to see a young lady doing business, and also the fact that she started this business early during her studies is commendable. Although the products they make and market are good, I think the products lack a good packaging design. I hope they sort that out soon and I am sure they will be getting more orders after that.

Wow! I will take note of the suggestion and gets it across to the CEO.

Thank you for reading.

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Wonderful review from you. You have really taken your time to review Goldedge business. I hope the business keeps growing

Thank you, friend. And many thanks for engaging.

This is a well-detailed review of the young lady's business, it's good to see youths being committed to creating a business and making it thrive. The business she has ventured into is a great one, these days, people are taking skincare very seriously and I hope she has the business target audience at her present location. Good entry.

Very correct Prof! Thanks for reading.

Welcome and thank you @msquaretwins for your participation and contribution to the success of the "Steemit Engagement Challenge" Program initiated the Steemit Team by participating in the Steem Business Contest from the Steem Entrepreneurs Community

May success be with you in life and steem on!

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Keep up your good work, best regards and good luck !

Amen. And you too. Thanks for engaging

This is succinctly apt

Thank you for engaging. Happy new month Sir.