Engagement Challenge S4-W4 | Review of International Market in my City

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Good day, friends

Greetings to yo my dear friend and welcome to my post. Indeed friend I am so excited to have you here. In this post I have discussed an Economy development in my city.

One of the economy development in my city that has brought a lot of development to the people of Abakaliki and the entire Ebonyi state is the Margaret Umah International Market.

IMG20220920160415.jpg W3W Location

The Margaret Umahi International Market is the biggest market in my city and was built by the Ebonyi State government .

W3W Location

Traders at the Margrate Umahi International Market have been offered free movement into shops in lots two, three, and other buildings of the international market for them to sell their goods to the general public.

IMG20220920160907.jpgW3W Location

The market is crowded with a lot of people since it is an international market. Also, at the international market, traders are facing a dispute with the state government.

IMG20220920160925.jpg W3W Location

According to some traders, they said that the disagreement between traders, shop owners and the government ranges from exorbitant taxes, seizure of shops and properties, and illegal extortion by some individuals who claimed to be working for the state government.

Furthermore, some shop owners in the market appear to be afraid of becoming tenants at the new side of the market known as the Ocho-Udo international market.

W3W Location

The Margrate Umahi International market is located at the heart of Abakaliki, which is the state capital. The market is a new market that came into existence in early 2019 and it is ranked among the largest and busiest markets in the south east and beyond.

Indeed, when you take a walk inside the market, you will get to see how both buyers and sellers are moving up and down, carrying out their businesses.

Public Service: Transportation

The Ebonyi State government has made it possible for people to move through and flow in the city of Abakaliki by constructing a flyover road in three different places in the state.

IMG20220920160223.jpg W3W Location

The flyover road makes it easier for vehicles to pass without causing traffic jams in the city. The flyover is built with two lanes, making it very easy for transportation.

IMG20220920160244.jpg W3W Location

The image above is what the flyover road looks like.

I am inviting @simonnwigwe, @yakspeace and @preye2 to also participate in the contest.

Thank you for stopping by.

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The interesting and popular Margaret Umah International Market in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state has been really making huge ways in it's development. I flyovers built near the market has indeed helped for better movement in that area. Thanks for sharing and goodluck in this contest.

Thank you so much sir for stopping by am so grateful.

Hopefully the dispute with the state does not complicate the life and economy of the people of Diebonyi city, the high taxes and inconvenience of the merchants will affect the trading sector there, the buyers will also feel afraid and reluctant to return, well, this is a problem that must be dealt with carefully. peace.
However, I'm glad to see that your city has built a flyover that minimizes congestion,
Good luck for the contest friends

Honestly it is the buyers that feel the burden because they are the final consumers. Thank you for stopping by.

You are right, 👍

Thank you brother @josepha for participating in Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 4 Week 4 and let's interact with other contestants through relevant and meaningful comments.

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Woow, you have made a good review of Margaret Umah International Market, it is indeed unique and beautiful for someone to visit. I wish you all the best sir.

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Margaret Umah International Market has brought many positive changes for the residents of your city. Hopefully in the future it will be even better. Good luck for the contest.

Yes the market has brought many positive change, but the negative part of it is the illegal taxes. Thank you for stopping by.

You have done a great review about Margaret Umah International Market, and from the above pictures the market looks so big, nice and very spacious compared to our local market and the availability of the flyover road will lessen the traffic of the area. I hope government pay more attention to the traders and resolve all the dispute going on in the market.

Thank you for sharing.

Thank you so much dear for stopping by am so grateful.

Hello dear brother, you have done a great review of Margaret Umahi International Market which is located at your area and I see this market is a very great place to visit

Yes it's a great place to visit and I wish you can visit the market and see things for yourself. Thank you for stopping by.

Greetings friend..
What a delightful market with big blocks. I see it checks so many boxes in the development of city economy.

I wish you all the best for the contest and do have a wonderful day..

Thank you for your compliment friend. I am happy that you stopped by here.

By building an overpass will open up the opportunity

This is a service that the community needs

Yes you have said it all. Thank you for stopping by am grateful.

Terima kasih kembali

What a nice market! It ticks a lot of the boxes for development of the area and the economy in general. Shopping plays a vital role in society.
I wish you all the best for the contest.
Good luck!

The market is indeed helping a lot of people to earn a living. Thank you for stopping by.

The pleasure is all mine! (•ิ‿•ิ)

According to some traders, they said that the disagreement between traders, shop owners and the government ranges from exorbitant taxes, seizure of shops and properties, and illegal extortion by some individuals who claimed to be working for the state government.

Looks like the government in your country should pay serious attention to this, it's a shame if people's property is also confiscated just because of taxes, economic growth should be the main thing in developing a region,

Apart from that, thanks for sharing with us, good luck in this contest

I'm telling you sometime, it is the government that kill business because of too much rule paying of taxes. Thank you for stopping by.

Yes, that's also true in my place, when it should be their job to help not make things difficult.

Hello @josepha,
The issue with the sellers and the government with relation to taxes levied, is a big matter. The government is usually very slow to provide improved working environment, yet quick to levy taxes on struggling sellers. There are also recalcitrant fellows that are out to intimidate and exploit ignorant and defenseless individuals, under the pretense of being a government representative.
For the road construction, i said it in some publications already, and i shall say it here as well; the Nigerian government are so amazing when it comes to road infrastructures. Their roads are big and durable compared to those in my country.

Thank you for sharing, good luck!

Public transportation nya terlihat baik dan market yang ada di sana juga bagus, semoga kota mu semakin lebih berkembang lagi..
Salam sukses

Yes, public transportation is easy to access. Thank you for stopping by.

Almost all regions have debates about taxes, whether taxes are quoted by government officials or those quoted by thugs.

I also share posts about public service, if you have time please see it and I am very happy.

Thank you friend for stopping by am so grateful.