Full Report - Steemit Engagement Challenge - Season 1 - Week 3 | Thank you contestants

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We hope that all participants can enjoy the third week of the Steemit Engagement Challenge which ends on May 15, 2022.

The fourth week of the Steemit Engagement Challenge is also still very interesting to leave by participating in the Contest organized by 7 selected communities for the May period in the Steemit Engagement Challenge. You can read detailed information at the link :

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Steemit Engagement Challenge - Season 1 - Week 4 has officially ended on May 15, 2022 and is now entering its fourth week. The involvement of the participants should be appreciated with the increasing number of comments that are relevant to the content. This motivation should be maintained in the future.

As one of the selected communities for the May period - Steem Entrepreneurs have an obligation to report on the progress and efforts made by the Steem Entrepreneur Community in perfecting the third week of the Steemit Engagement Challenge.

One of the obligations of the selected community is to hold regular contests published by the official community account. That we have organized the Steem Culinary Contest and the jury has chosen the winner for the third week contest fairly and professionally.

Contest announcement link
Contest winner announcement link

The Steem Culinary Contest was participated by 78 participants from various countries.

2. Post verification

Admins and moderators work hard to verify every incoming post, especially the participants of the steemit engagement challenge contest.From the first to the third week of the Steem Entrepreneur Community challenge, we were able to verify posts without missing a single post.

Admins and moderators also consistently invite the consistent to be actively involved with meaningful and relevant comments so that the program objectives are achieved perfectly.

3. Contestant

The participants were more enthusiastic to participate with the 2nd week of the Contest. The Steem Kindness contest was attended by more than 200 participants from various countries. There was a significant increase in the number of participants compared to the contest participants in the first week which was around 90 Participants.

4. Steemit Engagement Challenge - Week 4

The official community account @steempreneurship has released the Steem Growth Contest for the fourth week challenge.

Contest announcement link

Thus the report is submitted to the Steemit Team and thank you for the support and trust for the Steem Entrepreneurs Community to be part of the success of the Steemit Engagement Challenge.

Cc : @steemcurator01 | @pennsif


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Thank you to all stemians who have supported and encouraged us to work hard to advance the Community and STEEM to reach wider people.

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