Support #burnsteem25 | ECONOMIC DIARY GAME - Wednesday 24 May 2022, Re-control the health after the incident treatment that happened.

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Hello steemians.

After being discharged from the hospital on Tuesday 17 May 2022 due to an accident, the doctor who handled my treatment gave me a referral to re-examine my health condition today, 24 May 2022.

This afternoon, after having lunch and performing the zuhur prayer at home. I am getting ready to go to my destination. The place I'm going to is Sakinah Pharmacy, which is located in Jl. Antara No.30 Kampung Jawa Baru Banda Sakti Lhokseumawe City, Aceh 23122, Indonesia


I left there at 13:30 WIB. Actually the doctor's service starts at 16:00 and I don't need to come this early. However, changes occur during registration for BPJS (Social Security Administering Body). Registration must be online with a device and application that can only be managed by the handling team. Registration is only open until 14:20 WIB.


So I don't want to be left behind and will experience failure in registration so that the Checkup will be delayed.

The number of patients who register on the registration schedule and the examination schedule that is up to 3 hours apart makes me have to spend half of my time in this place. At 17: 00 WIB, the doctor began to open his practice, the nurse on duty began to call one by one the registered patients. Long queues made me have to wait until it was close to 18:30 WIB.

The condition of the results of the examination I can conclude is normal, but there is one problem with one of the injuries that arise as a result of the incident is the wound on the right elbow. Blood clots occur resulting in swelling which may require intensive treatment if this does not experience a reaction after taking the drugs included in today's prescription.

IMG_20220524_191508.jpgDrugs given from the results of today's examination

Hopefully this will be fine, And the medicine given today will be the antidote to the healing of the complaint. Of course I really hope for healing prayers from friends.

Cc : @pennsif @steemcurator01


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