CREB Contest - Second session : Recommend creative business ideas.

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Along with the passage of time and the development of the times, the business world continues to develop. Of course, creative business ideas are needed to overcome competition with competitors.

As we all know. Promoting products and managing finances are the two main things that all business people prepare and do when running a business. But everyone forgets that one thing that is more important than the two is high creativity in creating a business so that it is liked by consumers and is one step ahead of competitors.

Well, starting the first week in May and also accompanying the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 1 - Week 2 in the Steem Entrepreneurs community with a regular weekly contest Steemit Engagement Challenge II | Steem Kindness Contest - Tell us how STEEM changed your life for the better life ! | Prizes 30 Steem published through the community account @steempreneurship

I invite users of the Steem Entrepreneurs community page who have ideas or are running a creative business to recommend us. With the hope, among the steemians who are aspiring young entrepreneurs can adopt the creative business ideas that you share with us to start their business.

The method :

  1. Share your creative business ideas in the form of posts that have a minimum of 300 words.

  2. Explain your reasons why you recommend the idea.

Here are the CREB Contest rules that you must comply with:

The judges for the CREB Contest are the Admins and Moderators of Steem Entrepreneurs.

Contest Prizes:
Organizer offers 20 Steem Power for the best 4 posts

Try your best to produce the best publications so that you have the opportunity to be the cover of the latest issue of STEEM CREB MAGAZINE.

An important note in this contest is that we do not guarantee that participants will get support from @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 and all judges' decisions will not be contested which is the absolute right of the jury. The competition deadline starts when this post is posted and ends when this post claims the prize.

Notes : 30% Payout is donated for economic empowerment activities and steem charity activities from @steemkindness and @adollaraday

Cc : @pennsif @steemcurator01 @stephenkendal @disconnect @harferri @tucsond @subkiusman @afrizalbinalka

Contest organizer

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This is a very interesting Contest and it is going to be fun and educative. Please expect my entry soon.

With pleasure my friend. Hopefully your entry will increase our insight in providing the best for the platform and community Happy greetings to you @josepha.

Kontes lom 🤣

Ikot laju. Hana pu laen na postingan. Kon meunan.

Benar pak yang penting terus aktif

Hehe siap pak..

Alhamdulillah, it has opened another opportunity for us to write and contribute. thank you sir @f2i5

Allahuakbar Allahuakbar Allahuakbar. Selamat hari raya idul Fitri. Mohon maaf lahir dan batin. Berusaha untuk terbaik. Aleh jaut keubut.

Kami sekeluarga juga mengucapkan Selamat idul fitri mohon maaf lahir batin pak @f2i5 InsyaAllah akan tetap sukses pak. Aminnn

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Thanks for your support brother @harferri

This is a really good chance for all of us. We can introduce new business Ideas to create extra income for the family.

Of course my friend Sis @nadeesew. And that is the real purpose of the Contest. Hopefully the ideas shared by contestant friends can be useful for everyone here.

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Thank you my friend @disconnect

Another amazing contest✅

Wow what a nice contest, expect my entry soon

This is nice, an opportunity to learn and contribute new ideas. I hope I can join in the fun?

Kontes yang luar biasa, saya akan menyiapkan bahan untuk kontes ini

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