Contest - What have you done in the first session of the Steemit engagement challenge?

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20% rewards is donated to @steemkindness

Hello users of the Steem Entrepreneurs community page.

The steemit engagement challenge initiated by the steemit team has a very positive impact on the growth of the platform and community. The Steem Entrepreneurs community is one of the communities that has the trust and opportunity to participate in the first session of the Steemit Engagement Challenge.

As one of the moderators of the Steem Entrepreneurs community, I feel a significant increase in the value of posters and commentary actions in the community.

I also actively invite all community members to participate in all contests that are packaged in steemit engagement challenges in all participating communities. I always publish an invitation to participate every week according to the Steemit Update post published by @steemitblog.

And today is the last day in the fourth week of the first session of the steemit engagement challenge. It could be, This is also the last day of the first session of the steemit engagement challenge.

Contest goal

As a thank you to the members of the Steem Entrepreneurs community who have participated in the first session of the Steemit Engagement Challenge.

As a motivation to all community members to always be active in steemit involvement.

All you have to do is.

  • Give your good feedback about the Steemit engagement Challenge program initiated by the steemit team.

  • Summarize the link to the publication of the steemit engagement challenge contest that you are participating in in the Steem Entrepreneurs community. I hope to find the 4 contest posting links that you publish. (one post per week).

  • Summarize all the comments you have made under the posts of participants of the steemit engagement challenge in the Steem Entrepreneurs community during the first session of the Steemit engagement challenge. The more comments you manage to summarize, the more chances to win the contest.

Contest rules


1000 Steem Power which I will delegate to 2 contestants who are really involved in the first session of the steemit engagement challenge. Delegation will be valid for 10 days.

Best 1 = Delegate 600 Stem Power + Booming Support

Best 2 = Delegate 400 Stem Power + Booming Support

I also provide 10 Steem as a consolation prize which I will distribute in the form of 2 Steem Power to other contestants who participate in the contest. Of course must meet the conditions that apply in this contest.


  • All contest entries will be judged by the Steem Entrepreneurs Community Team.
  • The jury's decision is final and cannot be contested.
  • The contest starts when this announcement post is released and will end when this post claims the prize.


Contest organizer @f2i5

Cc : @steemcurator01 | @pennsif | @disconnect


Open opportunities for useful contributions and collaborations with steem power delegates for community development.

Please select one from the link :

Thank you to all stemians who have supported and encouraged us to work hard to advance the Community and STEEM to reach wider people.

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Thank you friend.

Wah saya akan ikutan karena saya sudah berpartisipasi sejak week 1 hingga week 4.

Itu salah satu ketentuan utama. Tapi bunda melengkapinya. Pasti harus ikut lah bunda @sailawana.

  ·  last month (edited)

Insya Allah.. tapi saya krg faham dg rules ringkasan komentar itu ?? Mksdnya bagaimana ya.pak @f2i5?

Excelente concurso yo logré participar en la 4 semanas, una pregunta? Debo colocar todos los comentarios que hice a los demás participantes?? Si es así eso llevará tiempo para buscar cada comentario realizado☺️, ya me pondré en eso para buscar cada comentario realizado.

That's good.
It is only allowed by commenting below the contest participants in the Steem Entrepreneurs Community.

I hope you find it without difficulty.
Good luck friend

Gracias amigo 🤗

I think it's a really great contest, I want to try to participate further and in depth. but as someone who is still new here should learn more about community rules, criticism and suggestions I hope

Tentu ini merupakan tugas kami untuk membimbing dan memberi motivasi kepada semua pengguna steemit. Saya juga menyarankan. Jangan paksa diri untuk harus berbuat sesuatu yang memberatkan. Kalau memang merasa nyaman dengan postingan bahasa lokal. jalani saja dan Itu akan terlihat lebih baik.

i have participated in 2 contests only but you still haven't verify my account. I have a lot of future plans to work in this community. So kindly verify my account.

Maybe something wrong happened with your account friend. I will check again, Thank you for giving us kind words.

Thank you 😊
I'm waiting

Please how do i become a verified member of this community.
I want to participate in the contest

By joining and publishing posts in the community, we will verify it. Please complete with your Achievement1 Link in the newcomer community in your first post to make it easier for the team to work in the verification process.


Thank you

Hi Mr. @f2i5 ! very awesome idea. I am not fully active for the four Steemit engagement challenge contests, but this award contest will be a reference for new enthusiasm for us on the platform. I hope the platform and the steem entrepreneur community will continue to be successful.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and enthusiasm to grow with the steem entrepreneur community, Mr @ridwant.

We hope to be able to take the opportunity again in the second session of the Steemit engagement challenge.

Hopefully! I will try to give the best for this platform and creative community. Thank you again sir @f2i5 for the motivation.

@tipu curate

Greetings @f2i5

Firstly I want to commend you for your great effort and positive impact in the community. Taking part in contests is really something I love doing most of the time but I noticed there are some certain criteria or rules that every user must possess before such user contest can be accepted. The two I'm mostly familiar with is that you must be verified by the community and secondly you must belong to any of club5050, club100 or club75.

My question is that how can I achieve these two conditions? I'll be glad if you can help me out because I don't really want to miss out on the next contest or challenge.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💞😊💞

Glad to see your commitment to join us @hardaeborla

The two I am most familiar with are that you must be verified by the community and secondly you must belong to either club5050, club100 or club75.

Having an official account is one of the requirements to get verified as a community member. An official account is certainly an account that has been verified as a legitimate user through achievements1 in the newcomer community.

Join one of the #clubs. #club5050, #club75 and #club100 are steemit team's campaigns to increase the growth of the #steem ecosystem in cryptocurrencies and this must be fulfilled by all platform users. At least you join #club5050.
#club5050 : Period 1 month Cash disbursement and Power Up balanced 50:50
#club75 : Period 2 months Cash out and Power Up 25:75. (75% reward for Power Up)
#club100 : 3 month period without cash disbursement (100% for Power Up)

Check through.

Thank you for your lovely comment buddy... But my the fact is that I already powered up most of my recent payout for this month and I don't know if I'm already in the club5050.. Is there a simple way to know this?

Check through.

Check period 27 April - 27 May. Normal transfer and transfer to vesting adjust 50:50. Bigger for Transfer for Vesting the better.

Please tell, is it necessary to delegate to your community to participate in competitions?

Hi @gulaybagirzade. Thank you for contributing so well with us. About delegation it is not a provision and it is the right of each user. But we really hope everyone participates to support the growth of the community through delegation.