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Hello, members of the Steem Entrepreneurs Committee.

Come back again with me @atim1234. this time I want to share a little writing about Our Advantages as Sellers or Buyers through Online Business.

But, before that do you know what is meant by online business?

Business by, can be said as a form of business that is run through the internet. This means that all buying and selling activities, cashier services, and others are carried out online

Usually, this online business is run through an online store website, social media, or a marketplace, because this business is online, then anyone who sells does not have to open a shop to sell something.

Then, what are the advantages for sellers and buyers, if doing this online business activity?

  • Benefits for sellers.

If you sell a product or service through an online business, then you will save a lot of costs, you don't have to rent a shop, you can use your own home or a third party to stock up on goods. There are even business models where you don't have to stock up on items like Dropshipers.

Apart from saving on store rental costs, you will also save on promotional costs, you don't have to think about renting costs for billboard printing, and other very expensive offline promotional media.

And furthermore, this online business is very flexible to run, you can sell wherever, whenever you want.

And your potential customers too, will be wider, if your business is online. you can reach customers from anywhere, even overseas

  • Benefits for Buyers.

Almost the same, with the benefits for sellers, if you buy goods or services from E-commerce, you will save costs in shopping, why is that? because usually, the goods sold from the online shop are cheaper than when you shop offline.

When you shop is very flexible, you can buy what you like, even from abroad, without you having to go to buy it. Of course this will save you more time and energy. You don't have to queue to pay for your groceries, you just have to pay via M-bangking or other online payments.

Well, that's all, a short article from me, I hope this is useful for all of you.

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Payment with steem/sbd will make it easier to make transactions domestically and abroad by online business, good article @atim1234

yes I have done it, I provide Graphic Design Services, and can be paid with STEEM