Steem Business | Promo Business : Welcome To The Complete Accessories Store, "Brunei 3 Retail & Wholesaler", Lhokseumawe

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Welcome to the complete accessories store, "Brunei 3 Retail & Wholesaler", Lhokseumawe

Hi my dearest Steemian. How was your fasting ? May Yaa Wahhab blessed your life in this lovely month. Glad to meet you again in this lovely community @steempreneurship. Wish you best of luck 🧡😇

Alright, today I want to promote business one of the accessories store in one of traditional market in Lhokseumawe City. Exactly, Inpres Traditional Market.

Yazz, if I am not mistaken this is my third times to shop this accessories stores. The name of that store Brunei 3 Retail & Wholesaler, Lhokseumawe. Located at Listrik street, Inpres Traditional Market, Lhokseumawe near Pegadaian.

I am on cloud nine to shop in this store, Brunei 3 retail & wholesaler due to the fact that they sale a bunch of accessories and men plus women daily needs such as bags, short pants, leggings, underware, hats, brooches, headbands and etcetera.

Brunei 3 accessories store sale a lot of accessories also, there are keychains, socks, ribbon, hairpin, kid toys, glasses, piggy bank, dolls, bracelets, balloon, cotton buds and so forth.

So that's why, I assume that Brunei 3 Retail & Wholesaler is one of the complete accessories store in Lhokseumawe City.

The most I like from this store is they sale a bunch of accessories with affordable price when we make comparison with another accessories store in Lhokseumawe City, specially. Even if you buy one piece or more than one.

Yazz, Brunei 3 Retail & Wholesaler, Lhokseumawe is a wholesaler and retail also. When you buy some goods about a half dozen, a dozen or more, they will give you a good price and friendly with your wallet or purse. Ahaha... Yet, in this moment I just tell the truth.

I am keen on how the way they arranged the goods or accessories also on the storage racks. Neat. They put all the things in the right place.

Women needs in women needs area, accessories in the accessories area, kid toys in the kid toys area, bags in the bags area, watch in the watch area and so on.

The employee is amiable person, too. They give a good service and always try to help us quickly when we ask something. That's why I highly recommend you to shop in this accessories stores, Brunei 3 Retail & Wholesaler, Lhokseumawe.

At that time before back to my mom's village to Pijay, about 3 pm I bought some accessories as a gift for my lovely nephews in Pijay

I bought two piggy bank with medium size. For one piggy bank the price is only Rp. 12,000. It means for two piggy bank teh prices are : Rp. 12,000 x 2 = Rp. 24,000

I choosed a simple pattern and neutral colours owing to the fact that my nephews are boys. Sure, nephew. Not niece. Lol.

I promised to them, my nephews about a few months ago that I will give some gifts to them yet I always forgot it everytime I back to my mom's village. My bad.

There are a lot of adorable piggy bank for kids. I am pretty confused to choose inasmuch as everything looks like so cute on my eyes. Ahaha. So that's why I do love to shop in this store, Brunei 3 Retail & Wholesaler, Lhokseumawe due to the fact that they have a lot of choices beautiful accessories and gifts for kids.

Choosing some piggy bank at Brunei 3 Retail & Wholesaler, Lhokseumawe for my lovely nephews before back to my mom's village

They put the accessories, keychains so neat on the storage rack

A pretty keychains at Brunei 3 Retail & Wholesaler, Lhokseumawe

I bought women daily needs. For one piece women stuff the price is Rp. 33,000. So for two women stuff the prices are : Rp. 33,000 x 2 = Rp. 66,000

In others area of Brunei 3 retail & wholesaler accessories store, I found a pretty hat. Well, I just remember that Iost my fav hat, black hat which is I bought in Batam four years ago. It's absolutely made me sorrowful as I am losing my fav hat, black hat for jogging and aero zumba dance.

The price for one hat is Rp. 35,000. The colours of that hat are golden black with a little red and green. Quite simple yet pretty. And it seems to me that the material of that hat is pretty good. Yet they give as a good price. I meant affordable price. I consider this is my lucky day. Hehe...

I bought mask straps, too. Yeah I need it owing to the fact that I have a dozen masks and more. So that's why I need to buy some mask straps. For one mask straps the price is Rp. 10,000

In that hot weather, I bought bud stainless steel also and the price is only Rp. 5,000

I bought ball also for my others nephew in my mom's village, Pijay. The price for a plastic ball is Rp. 10,000.

Actually there are a number of plastic balls with variant cartoon motives. Yet I just choosed a cute plastic ball inasmuch as my nephew still 5 years old. He is a happy bunny to play football. So that's why I bought a cute plastic ball for him.

Choosing a plastic ball at Brunei 3 Retail & Wholesaler, Lhokseumawe for my lovely nephew in my mom's village, Pijay

The complete accessories store at Brunei 3 Retail & Wholesaler, Lhokseumawe

The staff at Brunei 3 Retail & Wholesaler, Lhokseumawe is an amiable person

Then total for all of my shopping at Brunei 3 Retail & Wholesaler, Lhokseumawe are :

Rp. 24,000 + Rp. 66,000 + Rp. 35,000 + Rp. 10,000 + Rp. 5,000 + Rp. 10,000 = Rp. 150,000

Yet Alhamdulillah they give discounts to me inasmuch as I bought a bunch of goods, hehe. Then I just need to pay to the them, I meant to the cashier is :

Rp. 145,000
If we convert to SBD is about 4.22 SBD
And if we convert to Steem is about 40.28 Steem

Source of Steem price :

Well, I suggest you if you want to looking for some accessories for birthday party, wedding party, thanksgiving, a special gifts, women accessories, kid toys, I highly recommend you to visit this accessories store, "Brunei 3 Retail & Wholesaler, Lhokseumawe" 🥳🎉

Such a pleasure to get some critical or advice from this lovely community @steempreneurship so that my post has a good progress day by day🙏🏻☺️.

A massive thank you for the support to Mr. @harferri @tucsond @subkiusman @f2i5 and @afrizalbinalka in this lovely community.

Warm regards,


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A very great review of the shop, the shops looks really feasible and economically cost effective too. I hope you had a good experience there.

Definitely my dear friend 😊
As far as I concerned that store is one of the complete accessories store and give a good or affordable price, too
Big thank you, anyway
Hope you have a good day, too there 😇

Thank you to

Back at you, brother

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Alhamdulillah, terima kasih banyak my brother 😊
Yazz, sepertinya brother memang harus mengunjungi tempat tersebut, apalagi jika ingin menikah nanti 😄
Karena di sana juga menjual pernak-pernik mini gifts untuk pesta nikah. Ahaha
Beberapa teman ana mengatakan bahwa harganya juga cukup terjangkau jika dibandingkan dengan tempat or toko lainnya

Have a blessed day, ma brada 😇

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Jroh that.

Alhamdulillah, syukron katsiran my brother