Economic Activities Diary Game | April 30th, 2022 | Behind The Stories Before Back To My Mom's Village, Pijay

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Behind the stories before back to my mom's village, Pijay

Hi my dearest Steemian. How was your fasting ? May Yaa Wahhab blessed your life in this lovely month. Glad to meet you again in this lovely community @steempreneurship. Wish you best of luck 🧡😇

After woke up, I made a little du'a then got up to drank my cup of tea, a spoon honey. I drank a glass of water then play with my nephew, a baby boy in the living room while waiting for my sibling cooked noodles to all of us.

In the noon I taught English private course to two of my students, Levi and Aidil. Yep, we had an appointment from last dawn that we will study English outdoor. I made English debate & discussion at that time with the title, "Love or Money ?", "💖 Or 💲???".

Several hours later, I rode my motorcycle then stopped in one of accessories store. Yazz, I want to bought some special gifts to my nephews in my mom's village, Pijay.

The name of the accessories store is "Brunei 3 Retail & Wholesaler", Lhokseumawe. I bought piggy bank, plastic ball, hat, women daily needs, mask straps and bud stainless steel.

Well, total for all of my stuff after got a little discount from the employee at Brunei 3 accessories store in that hot day are Rp. 145,000.

I am walking on air to shop to this accessories store, Brunei 3 Retail & Wholesaler, Lhokseumawe inasmuch as they give us friendly price and have a complete accessories and kid toys also.

Bought some special gifts to my lovely nephews at the accessories store, "Brunei 3 Retail & Wholesaler", Lhokseumawe

At 6 pm we started our journey to back to my mom's village, Pijay. Due to the fact that almost break the fast a few minutes later, we stopped our car in one of young coconut water seller on the side of the road.

I bought young coconut water to break our fast on the road to my lovely family later. I asked the seller to gave me original young coconut water.

For one original young coconut water the price is Rp. 5,000. So I bought five young coconut water and the prices are : Rp. 5,000 x 5 = Rp. 25,000

Rather made a line in that evening. Yazz, owing to the fact that some of customers waiting for their young coconut water also to break their fast with their family. So that's why I have to be patient to waiting for my young coconut water.

I salute of the sellers. Yazz, they are a couple, husband and wife. They have a good team work and help each others. I do love how the way they give a good service and quick response to their customers. May Yaa Razzaq give you a good rizq (fortune) on Ramadhan Kareem, brother and sister.

Bought young coconut water before Matang Glumpangdua

What a good team work from a lovely couple

After Pray Maghrib in one of Masjid before Bireuen City, we made decision to stop in one of foods seller on the side of the road.

And finally we parked our car at Bakso Aroma Bireuen near traffic light intersection & Suzuya Mall Bireuen

We order six bowls meatball, ice tea, ice tea and orange juice. Then total for all of our foods and beverages at Bakso Aroma Bireuen are Rp. 150,000

Less than an hour later after took a rest and paid to the cashier at Bakso Aroma Bireuen, we continued our journey to visit our gorgeous lady, mommy in the small village, Pijay.

Enjoying meatballs with my lovely fam at Bakso Aroma Bireuen near traffic light intersection & Suzuya Mall Bireuen 🍜

So, total for all of my economic activities today with my lovely family to bought some special gifts in the accessories store at Brunei 3 Retail & Wholesaler to my nephews, young coconut water before Matang Glumpangdua and meatballs plus beverages at Bakso Aroma Bireuen are :

145,000 + 25,000 + 150,000 = Rp. 320,000

If we convert to SBD is about 8.56 SBD

And if we convert to Steem is about 80 Steem

Source of Steem price :

Such a pleasure to get some critical or advice from this lovely community @steempreneurship so that my post has a good progress day by day🙏🏻☺️.

A massive thank you for the support to Mr. @harferri @tucsond @subkiusman @f2i5 and @afrizalbinalka in this lovely community.

Warm regards,


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Bakso nya menggoda x..🥰

Asli Kak 😂
Bakso Aroma memang cukup ternama di Bireuen, Kak. Harganya juga lumayan ramah di kantong 😚

Owh..kk baru tau.smoga kapan2 bisa mampir icip2 juga

Ahaha iya Kak
Rasanya juga enak dan baksonya lembut, Kak
Happy trying 🥳