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Intro in the highest mood in the corner of the city

Hi my dearest Steemian. How was your fasting ? May Yaa Wahhab blessed your life in this lovely month. Glad to meet you again in this lovely community @steempreneurship. Wish you best of luck 🧡😇

To begin with drank a spoon of honey for my Suhoor. After Pray Subuh and recited The Holy Qur'an, I made a friend with my pillow and bolster.

In the morning I play and had a baby talks with my nephew, my sister's son. We play hide and seek also in my bedroom.

In the afternoon ba'da Jumu'ah Prayer, I taken a bath then took wudhu' to Pray Dzuhur. After recited The Holy Qur'an, I changed my dress. I wore my black grey blouses, grey skirt and my peach hijab.

Yazz, today I had an appointment with my lovely students to teach English private course in the beach.

In the evening, when some people just back from Masjid to their house, I permit to my sister then went outside. A part of my soul as introvert called me at that night. All I need is a quiet place.

First of all, I stopped at Dimsum Lah near Masjid Jami' Lancang Garam, Lhokseumawe

I bought five shrimp dim sum with the chili sauce. For one shrimp dim sum the price is Rp. 3,000. Then for five shrimp dim sum the prices are : Rp. 3,000 x 5 = Rp. 15,000

The seller is a young lady and so friendly. The taste of the dim sum also savory. The price for one dim sum starting from Rp. 1,500 till Rp. 3,000.

Well, this is my second time bought this food, dim sum. As a dim sum lover, for me the taste of the dim sum has unique taste than the dim sum in the cafe. Pretty small yet has a good taste.

Bought ma fav meals, dim sum at Dimsum Lah near Masjid Jami' Lancang Garam, Lhokseumawe

Thereafter I stopped in one of coffee shop in Lhokseumawe City. I order a glass of warm tea mix grass jelly. The price for a glass of warm tea mix grass jelly Rp. 7,000. And there is a resto tax also Rp. 2,000. For my parking of my motorcycle, I paid Rp. 1,000 to the parking attendant.

So total for my beverage, resto tax and parking area are : Rp. 7,000 + Rp. 2,000 + Rp. 1,000 = Rp. 10,000

A glass of warm tea mix grass jelly is one of my cup of tea.

I switch on my laptop then started typing to make some posts in some of communities in this lovely platform, Steemit. I was listening some old songs also while typing on my laptop.

Yeah, that's quiet place is one of my cup of tea. Quite dark, calmness, serenity and had a seat in the corner is one of ma fav spot.

Enjoy a warm green tea mix grass jelly & shrimp dim sum whilst made some posts in Steemit

So, total for all of my economic activities today with my lovely family to bought some shrimps dim sum at Dimsum Lah near Masjid Jami' Lancang Garam, Lhokseumawe and a glass of warm tea mix grass jelly at the coffee shop Lhokseumawe are :

15,000 + 10,000 = Rp. 25,000

If we convert to SBD is about 0.72 SBD

And if we convert to Steem is about 7.58 Steem

Source of Steem price :

Such a pleasure to get some critical or advice from this lovely community @steempreneurship so that my post has a good progress day by day🙏🏻☺️.

A massive thank you for the support to Mr. @harferri @tucsond @subkiusman @f2i5 and @afrizalbinalka in this lovely community.

Warm regards,


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Alhamdulillah, syukron katsiran for checking my post, Steem Entrepreneurs 🥰

I try my best 💝
Wish you best of luck 🤍😇