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Hello all and sundry I am so excited to hop into this engagement challenge. It's a step in the right direction. Thanks to all who put this together. Steemit is one super social media I have come across. A place where you get soo much in one package.

Have you been into a situation where somebody introduce an opportunity to you that you think it's so good and juicy to be true?. Lolx that was the same instance I found myself in when I was first introduced to steemit by my noble friend @cherub27.

I was not ready to listen to him because I told him I have 3 social media accounts and that it was enough for me. He still insisted that steemit is way different from other social media accounts.

Finally, I gave heed to what he was saying..... Now see me hear on steemit thriving and learning more. I am happy and proud to say it has been a wonderful one-year journey for me on steemit.

I joined steemit last year May 2021 and it has been awesome. The moral lesson learned; is to be ready to learn and unlearn and not to jump to conclusions easily but to pay attention to details and test first.

Talk of the endless benefits of Steemit I will categorize them under 3 major headings.


Regularly have I been put on my toes with regards to Steemit. Through constant writing, I have developed my writing skills gradually. I have developed my creative skills in putting words together for a good read.

I get to share my knowledge on health-related issues for others to learn from. Aside from that Steemit has been therapeutic for me as I get to pour my heart out through writings for others to relate to it. I also get to learn from others and through their writings.


Steemit has proven that you do not eat when you are lazing about doing nothing. With Steemit, I get to work through my writings and get rewarded for it. These rewards have been so many benefits to me. As a nursing student, I get to buy my handouts and books with my earnings.

It has supported me throughout my stay in school and more. Before Steemit, I wouldn't spend money on recreational activities but with Steemit earnings I can now engage in recreational activities because I can pay for them.

Sharing they say is caring with Steemit earnings, I get to buy certain home needed items for the family. With this opportunity to share Steemit with people around me to get onto the opportunity that I was introduced to a year ago.


My network is my net worth. Connecting with people is very necessary. I have made some friends in different fields in the workspace that I can reach out to anytime I need their help and they will answer the call with urgency.
Steemit is a life changer and I will always promote Steemit for the benefit of all.


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Welcome and thank you @airlikem for contributing to the success of the "Steemit Engagement Challenge II" Program initiated by Steemit Team by participating in the Steem Kindnesss Contest from the Steem Entrepreneurs Community

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Keep up your good work, best regards and good luck !

Thank you

I am always honored to be mentioned in instances like this. I always admire your devotion to getting back to posting whenever you are prompted on laying back. Had others stop posting entirely but you are still the strong one. Steemit has been a great help to us all and that's an undisputable fact