Thank you for the contribution of contest participants, in an effort to support the Steemit Engagement Challenge Session 1 program

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Hello Everyone…

We hope you all enjoy Season 1 of the Steem Entrepreneurs community in the 1 month Steemit Engagement Challenge program. We really appreciate the contest participants who provide great and creative content ideas in the Steem Entrepreneurs community.

Of the 4 contest themes that have been published directly in the Steem Entrepreneurs community, the contest participants have provided very good quality content ideas so far, even from some of the participant links that I read have great potential for their future growth. So far, I've been very focused on contest participants, which is especially important to verify CLUB, BOT, CSI. I II III IV

Number of participants of the Steemit Engagement Challenge contest

Contest theme Steemit engagement challengeNumber of contest participants
Steem Business - Steemit Engagement Challenge Contest-Business review in your city Season I•116
Steemit Engagement Challange II-Steem Kindness Contest - Tell us how STEEM changed your life for the better life !-Prizes 30 Steem Season II •191
Steemit Engagement Challange III - STEEM CULINARY CONTEST Season III•75
Steemit Engagement Challenge 4 - STEEM GROWTH CONTEST - Theme : How many hours have you spent on steemit in the last week Season IV•131

In 1 day I spend 3 hours which means in 1 contest theme I spend, about 21 hours per day. So in a period of 1 month I can spend 84 hours to verify the posts of contest participants in the Steem Entrepreneurs community. It is my duty as a moderator to give them encouragement and positive things.

How many points can I summarize, during the Steemit Engagement Challenge program. Like, word writing and creative content ideas that I can use for my content ideas.

With our respect for the participants of the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 1, we hereby wish to congratulate the contest winners who received a 100% vote from curator 01 and thank you for the contest link you gave to what steemian can learn.

With this we would like to thank all the participants who have contributed to you in the Steem Entrepreneurs community. Good luck and useful for all of us. Regards @afrizalbinalka.

Cc : @pennsif - @f2i5 - @harferri - @tucsond

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Thank you @afrizalbinalka for consistently contributing and sharing quality posts with us on the Steem Entrepreneurs Community - Steem On !

Team verification results :
Verified userYES
#club status#club75
Beneficiaries 25% to @nullYES
Voting CSI-

Keep up your good work, best regards and good luck !

The #learnwithsteem tag focuses on teaching through tutorials and lessons some knowledge, skill or profession that you have. Please avoid using it if it's not about that. Thank you! @daytona475

Thanks for reminding me, sorry for my mistake @daytona475

Kontes yang baik dan luar biasa dukungan yang berkah ini semonga berkah dan terimakasih juga kepada sc01 dan sc02 sudah mendukung kami dengan baik.

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Hi thanks for this @kiwiscanfly.