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(The today's condition of the child)

Dear friends,
How are you all? I hope you all are safe and doing great.

As I informed you in my earlier post; Now we are going through some mental instabilities.

Even today morning, I went to the nursing home because today nursing home discharged my nephew's wife.

So, my two brothers, my sister, and I went to the nursing home at 10 in the morning.
After that, my brother completed all the formalities, and then they went back home.

My nephew went to visit the newborn child in another nursing home and sent me some photographs to give me updates on the child.

One of my friends sent me the above message, and today while going through these situations;
I realized how true that line was! And perfectly fits the line for our life journey-Great things never come from the comfort zone.



When a woman gives birth to a child at that time, she goes through unbearable pain;
but in the end, she gets a beautiful gift in the form of a child.

A name(mother) that is the most precious in the universe she gets after going through that pain.

On the other hand, a father continuously tries to provide a comfort zone to his child, and family;
and for that reason his entire life, he works day and night.

When we were a child we didn't understand much about the value of our relationships.

But on Monday, when my brother-in-law was taking care of my nephew as he couldn't sleep the entire night, and the next day we were busy with the admission of his child at that time;

I had seen how a father feels when his child goes through some problems.

Our life always gives us some challenges to show the real side of people and situations. That's how we accumulate experiences and become mature.

That's all for the day. Stay blessed, happy, and healthy.


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He will recover very soon. God is there, He will surely bring him back to his mother's lap. You also take care of yourself @sduttaskitchen.

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