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Hope everybody is well and all of you had a great day today.

As usual, I woke up at 7.10 a. m. in the morning and came downstairs after being fresh. And saw that my mother-in-law had wake up before me. After refresh herself she already picked up all the flowers from the tree.

After my father-in-law went out for a morning walk, she had already taken ber morning tea and went to the kitchen and started cooking. Then I helped her in the kitchen.


Later, when it was time for Shubho to get up, I made tea for Shubho and for my father-in-law. Then I went upstairs with Shubho's tea and woke him up. Picklu also went upstairs with me and Shubho gave him biscuits.

I came downstairs and prepared tiffin for Shubhk and made breakfast for everyone. By that time my mother-in-law's cooking was over. After Shubho got ready and came down, we all had breakfast together. After Shubho went to the office, I finished all the housework.


Then I ironed a few shirt of Shubho. I washed two bed sheets. After that I played with Picklu for a while. He does not want to give his favorite ball to anyone. So I played with that ball. After that I bathed and finished my today's worshiped.

After that I give Picklu his lunch and gave medicine. After everyone had bath, we also had our lunch. Today my mother in law cooked bata fish with mustard paste, Pointed gourds curry with mustard and shukto. At the end of lunch everyone rested.


In the afternoon I went to the roof and watered the plants. Then me and Picklu sat for a while. Later I came down and offered evening worship. My mother-in-law made tea. Then they drank tea while watching TV. Today in the evening, Picklu went to visit our neighboring house. There is a boy next door and he is a friend of Picklu. Sometimes he came and took picklu to their house.

After that when Shubho returned from office, I made Maggi for him. Then I made rotis and sat down to write my post. My father-in-law will give Picklu his dinner. Then I will give him the medicine. Then we all have our dinner, get everything done and go to bed.

That's how I spend my day. Take care everyone. Always be happy and stay healthy. Good night.

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