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I hope that all steemians and friends are fine and well by the grace of ALLAH ALMIGHTY and enjoying their healthy lifes with their families and doing their work well on steemit. I'm also fine today I'm going to share Bougainvillea glabra photography with all of you.

Bougainvillea glabra


The flower that all of you seeing in the above image is Bougainvillea glabra plant flower. These flowers are present in my garden. There are many plants of these flowers in our gardens. They look so attractive because of their colour. Now these are in their growing stage. They are of many colours like Orange yellow White but I have pink one in my garden. Their plant spread in a very large area and also protects the boundary walls of our homes.


In the above picture all of you can see the difference colours of bougainvillea glabra. Its leaves are dark green and light greenish in colour and pink or orange colour flowers are easily visible. These flowers are odourless having no cent. These flowers have a small Ring like white coloured flower in its center which added to the beauty of these flowers.

I hope that all of you like my post. Thanks for reviewing my post.

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